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Barack Obama the Antichrist?

From the comments of the Barack Obama Antichrist: Scripture Challenge post:

I have been researching Obama for a few weeks now and would have commented sooner had I figured out more quickly how to post.

Here are my findings:

1.Honestly, Obama came out of nowhere. I never ever heard of him one year ago. First term senator now beating a Clinton in a run for the presidency?? What?

2. He was born in Hawaii. The Beast that rises out of the sea of
Revelation 13?

3. His Chicago zipcode is 60606. I checked it by putting it in the website of the weather channel to see what the weather would be like there, and sure enough, Chicago, Ill comes up.(I thought it would come up as an invalid zipcode) The zipcode Obama uses on his website is 60608. Go figure.

3. The beast is like unto a leopard. In other words, he has many different colors or nationalities in his skin. Black, White, African, Christian, Muslim, Arab, and even has an Israeli first name, which may come in handy in brokering peace in the middle east!


7. With one letter purposely wrong, MABUS. can be anagramed (jumbled) to produce OBAMA.

8. Revelation 17:7 states that the beast will carry the whore of Babylon. Hillary Clinton running mate?


10. And who is more likely to be assassinated than the first black president? Perfect set up for the beast that was wounded unto death but his deadly wound was healed…Rev. 13.

11. People practically are worshipping Obama.

My answer is yes, Obama is looking more and more like the Antichrist by the day.

He is winning you know.


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