The great day has arrived. Today something historic will happen.

No, we don’t expect common sense to prevail today at the Rules Committee meeting. We don’t expect the voters of Florida and Michigan will have the votes they cast, as they cast them, respected or counted.

But something else, will happen.


In many quarters, to know Obama is to loathe him. In poll after poll, state after state what is clear is that Hillary supporters – women, latinos, white working class voters, rural voters, African-American Hillary supporters – will NOT vote for Obama under any circumstances.

Yet, smart people like Celinda Lake (and dummies in Big Media) continue to make the argument that Hillary Clinton supporters will “come home” to the Democratic Party no matter who the nominee is. These usually smart people are betting that Democrats will be force fed “unity” and will eventually vote for the nominee of the Democratic Party based on issues.

There’s more:

That something is what Nancy Pelosi, the Katherine Harris of this election cycle, fears most. That something is what Howard Dean, author of the 48 state strategy fears most. That something is what Donna Brazille fears most, That something is what Barack Obama fears most.

The Barack Obama/Howard Dean 48 State Losing Strategy


Today, the Hillary Clinton army will make it clear that there will be no November “unity”, no “healing” without Hillary at the Helm.

Uh, if Clinton is chosen to lead the Democrats to defeat, I won’t be on your side.

Millions of young people and African-Americans will also stay at home.

I say this as a white, rural, working-class voter who supported Brown, but then voted for Clinton, and who supported Bradley 8 years later, but then voted for Gore, and who later supported Dean and ended up giving his heart, soul, and money to Kerry.

You don’t seem to want the winner of the popular vote, the winner of more states, and the winner of more pledged delegates to be the nominee because you think Clinton is entitled to the nomination.

You want your chosen one, who supported Bush’s adventure in Iraq, to be given the nomination because you think she deserves it simply because she is a woman.

You want to destroy the Democratic party?

Nominating Clinton will sink the party for decades and will elect McCain and the Supreme Court Justices he will appoint.

You want a Democratic civil war? You got it.


4 responses to “Hillaryis44.com

  1. Interesting blog. I find it funny that Hillary flip-flopped and people aren’t realizing it. Hillary said herself that she wouldn’t agree to seat Florida and Michigan, while she was winning. However, as soon as she starts losing, she wants to cry foul and seat the two states she won.

    I’ll give her Florida, but Michigan? Come on Hill. Obama’s name wasn’t even on the ballot!!!

  2. Thanks, Darryl.

    But the Hillary people seem to think that none of the people who voted “uncommitted” in Michigan would have voted for Obama.

    That’s a complete fantasy. But that’s typical of some Clinton people who don’t seem to understand reality.

  3. To a point, I am disappointed with the DNC. They made the rules, made the punishment for said rules known in advance, and warned FL and MI. Then when it came time to enforce the rules, they caved. Not only that, they awarded delegates based on the results of illegitimate votes. Obama didn’t get a chance to make himself known to the voters like Hillary had. these votes were cast based only on name recognition. Which was not fair to him.

    Hillary supporters need to grow up and realize that putting Bush clone in office is not the best way to express their grievance.

  4. Terrant, I’m with you.

    The Obama people were way too accommodating, and gave up more than they needed to.

    But it’s not good enough for the hysterical Clinton factions.

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