Rabid Clinton People Baffle Me

Where to start?


4 responses to “Rabid Clinton People Baffle Me

  1. Harriett was one of the first graduates from the Leona Helmsley charm school.

  2. So the final wait is over. Michigan and Florida delegates get all of their delegates and half of their votes. Doing the math, Obama is still 178 points ahead of Hillary. Even is she were to receive 100% of the delegates in Peurto Rico, Montana, and South Dakota, she still would reach Obama’s total. The committee voted, the fat lady sang, and the party’s over it, Hillary.

    Will Obama choose her as VP? That’s the only ticket Hillary has to ride in this election. She will have to earn it because of the internal and infernal division she has caused the Dems. Hillary will have to concede and let go of her Presidential dreams. She will have to settle for second best and stop sabotaging the Democrat Party. If not, then it only proves that she was in it for herself all along.

    On a side note, Harold Ickes stated that votes were stolen from her yesterday, but his voice in the wilderness went unheard. After all, weren’t some of his clients gangsters and mobsters who couldn’t care less about democracy?

    Out with the old and in with the new. The golden ticket has been won by Obama. But we already knew that before and after West Virginia and Kentucky. The question is this: are the Clintons still in the land of denial, or are they ready to go home?

  3. Whew – that’s quite a thing, isn’t it??

    I think the compromise is bullshit – all the candidates signed a pledge to “neither campaign nor participate” (yes, I’m a big loser and I’ve actually read the pledge….) in primaries outside of the DNC preapproved window (i.e. Michigan and Florida) and the DNC-approved sanction was to strip those states of their delegates when they went ahead and held contests. Mrs. Clinton not only signed the pledge but also said that the Michigan and Florida contests didn’t count when she was campaigning in New Hampshire. Mrs. Clinton’s supporters, exhibiting the intellectual dishonesty for which they’ve become famous, like to ignore the “participate” verbiage in the pledge (which would seem to require that one remove one’s name from the ballot, as other candidates did….), nor do they care to address her unambiguous comments that the contests flat-out didn’t count for anything.

    But because it’s the Clintons, who once again show they lack the grace to do anything – even lose – with dignity, this is what they subject everyone to.

    I’m glad I’m not Obama, because he’s going to have to somehow swallow hard and reach out to these lunatics. I hope he’s a bigger man than I, because my attitude is: fuck ’em. Start your own third party centered around a liar and perpetual victim. Go ahead and vote for McCain.

    Harold Ickes was bought and paid for long ago by the Clintons. I tend to think his comments toward the end of last evening’s session were nothing more than a rallying cry going into Puerto Rico today and the Tuesday primaries.

    I know coalitions need to be built, and hands extended, but you can’t reason with people like the Clintons. And apparently some of their supporters are – let’s just call it what it is – fucking crazy. She can’t be the Vice President. She has acted reprehensibly. The only thing she deserves is to go back to the Senate. If the people of New York can live with her, good for them.

  4. Laura, yep!

    What I find so intriguing about the tape is Harriett’s anger that an “inadequate black male” who would “not be running had it been a white woman.”

    Part of me feels really sorry for her. She’s invested a lot in the feminist movement, so for her, it’s a sin that a young upstart like Obama is the nominee.

    She thought 2008 would be the year we elect a woman president; she was invested in that idea.

    No wonder she’s pissed and directing her anger at inappropriate targets.

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