Loved Ones in the Post-Apocolyptic World – a Follow-Up

A couple of days ago, I wrote a post about To me, it’s a very funny site. They have a blog.

In the comments of that post, Gob Bluth made me laugh hard:

(1) “The water in rivers will turn to blood, so get a water purifier like hikers use.” (Seriously?!?! That’s one hell of a water purifier…..)

(2) “Keep your water purifier in your hideaway cabin” (Sure….solid advice. Makes total sense. Wait a minute?!?! Hideaway cabin???? The rapture requires that I purchase a second home??)

(3) “If you are still reading this article, then I believe you would rather believe the truth than delight in wickedness.” (I don’t know…..I’ve had an awfully good time in my 33 years on this earth delighting in what you rapturees probably consider wickedness…..)

(4) “Look out for the guy who wants to bring peace.” (hmmm….so what you’re saying is that Dick Cheney isn’t actually the Antichrist. Because I think he was ahead in the Intrade markets….and he did shoot his friend in the face)

(5) “Bibles may be banned ultimately, so secure yours soon.” (Will the one I bought back in college for a philosophy class suffice?? What if I’ve highlighted in it???)

(6) “It may be posed that the vanishing of all those evangelical Christians is actually a good thing.” (I have to tell you, I’m struggling to see the downside…..)

(7) “At this point you have nothing left to lose.” (That may be the strangest argument in favor of organized religion I’ve ever heard. Well done, crazy left-behind guy!!!!)

( 8) “You may find that some caskets buried in cemeteries are now empty.” (But if they’re buried, how will we…..oh, fuck it. Never mind.)

(9) “I’m not going to dance around the truth. To put it mildly, you’re going to be experience (sic) seven years of hell on earth.” (Thanks a lot, dude. You give these fucking pep talks for a living???)

(10) “Unfortunately, the Anti-Christ’s policy will be that those who do not accept the mark will be beheaded.” (Yes, that is an unfortunate policy. Does he at least post it clearly??)

(11) “Go to the homes of missing people and search their bookshelves.” (So loot the people who got raptured is what you’re suggesting here….)

Mark from stopped by to clarify a some items:

just wanted to clear up a couple of things. Not all of the letters on our customer blog are written by us. some are copied by permission from
Team members are carefully chosen. If they don’t get raptured then I don’t know who does. At any rate we could reccognize it and send the emails by not logging on.
Gob Bluth you are a funny dude! I do have a sense of humour. -)

Mark, again, thanks for stopping by. We probably don’t agree on 90% of this issues, but I thank you for engaging us in a friendly way.


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