Michelle Obama and “Whitey” Remarks

For a few weeks now, Larry Johnson, on his hate-Obama blog has been pushing the story that based on something he heard from different people, there is some kind of damning video of Michelle Obama condemning “whitey” from the pulpit of Trinity UCC. He claims has good sources, but he can’t back up his words.

If you look at his blog, it’s about nothing more that hating Obama all of the time. And they love Hillary.

I haven’t accepted his analyses before, because he comes across as an Obama-hater above all. I think he’s be fine w/McCain as president and 100 years in Iraq simply because McCain is not Obama. Also, the racism on his site is virulent enough to scare my cat. It’s an ugly place where only the most twisted anti-Obama conspiracies are given much notice.

I also don’t believe his accusation about Michelle screaming “whitey,” simply because it’s hard to imagine a Princeton-educated woman who has been quite successful in her own right using the term “whitey.” Maybe I’m naive, but who the hell says “whitey?”

If somehow, her use of that term shows up on video, it will be taken out of context by the media and Clinton supporters. I’m 100% sure that if Michelle used that term, she was trying to make a larger pointto her audience (but, I still doubt she said it).

So, given that context, I present to you this conversation between Roger Stone, GOP operative and swinger with little credibility and Geraldo Rivera.

Roger Stone: There’s a buzz…which I now believe to be credible that some indelible record exists of some public remarks that Michelle Obama allegedly made which are, uh, outrageous at worst, er at best, but could be termed racist, including some, uh, uh, reference to to white people as “whiteys,” allegedly. Uh, there’s been a race here, Geraldo,

Rivera: Wait a second here, Roger, you can’t, you can’t just say that and..say you have no proof for it and…

Stone: No, no. Let me finish here. There’s been a race here between the Clinton, uh, research people and, uh, who are, uh uh, seeking this tape and the Republican opposition researchers at the Republican National Committee, I now believe that a network has this tape, I believe that reliably, that something like that could royal (?) the race, which explains why to me, Hillary Clinton is staying in this race. What other reason is there for her to stay in this race other than hoping that there is a bomb of this nature. I’ve heard that from people

Don’t buy the hype. If such a tape existed, we would know about it.

I just find it funny that Larry Johnson and Roger Stone are working together.


14 responses to “Michelle Obama and “Whitey” Remarks

  1. Ah yes, Roger Stone, who has now become a hero to people like Larry Johnson. Roger Stone, who earlier this year started an anti-Clinton PAC called Citizens United Not Timid, the acronym for which he had emblazoned across t-shirts and bumper stickers. Classy guy, that Roger Stone – a man who learned his, umm, “craft” at the feet of Lee Atwater, who felt so terrific about the things he had done professionally that it led to several deathbed apologies.

    To say nothing of Mr. Stone’s extracurricular activities.

    But the esteemed Mr. Johnson states that (all the while offering absolutely no corroboration) Mr. Stone “has come to respect Mrs. Clinton for her grit.” Which, obviously, would explain the aforementioned PAC. Because you typically reserve that term for those you truly respect.

    What a bunch of bullshit.

  2. hmmm…Larry Johnson wouldn’t be an extreme right wing conservative like the Larry Johnson I know who is an operative for the Republican party stirring up muck and dissension among the left wing blogs could he?

  3. I’m totally with you on the unlikelihood of Michelle Obama invoking “whitey”. If she wasn’t using it ironically or quoting some old and very bad movie, then she’d be hopelessly corny. She doesn’t seem like that.

    On the other hand, this does sound like the kind of thing that the desperate and clueless might hope with scare the superdelegates, doesn’t it?

  4. I don’t think Larry Johnson hates anyone. Obama has questionable ties and he lacks experience.

  5. If we’re going to start ruling people unfit for political office based on their ‘questionable ties’, then Mrs. Clinton is sure out.

    Let’s assume, arguendo, that Obama has “questionable ties.” It seems to me that he’s answered for them insofar as Jeremiah Wright, Bill Ayers and Tony Rezko are involved.

    So when will Mrs. Clinton answer for her connections to Jim McDougal, Jim Blair, John Huang, Charlie Trie, Bill Clinton (check out the NYT story on the former President’s dealings in Kazakhstan – some good reading there), Johnny Chung, Webb Hubbell, Jorge Cabrera and James Riady? Those are a good start.

    As for experience, Mrs. Clinton has served in the Senate four (4) years longer than Obama. Her experience as First Lady makes her as qualified to be President as it would Nancy Reagan or Laura Bush – also the wives of two-term Presidents. Prior to that, she was a corporate lawyer representing, inter alia, Tyson Foods and WalMart.

    Doesn’t sound like presidential timber to me.

    As for the defense of Larry Johnson?? Please. The man peddles hate.

  6. I’m a member of the United Church of Christ, and always have been. My father is a UCC minister… I have a hard time imagining that someone could condemn “whitey” (or any other race, for that matter) from the pulpit at Trinity. That church is much too diverse for any of that nonsense to occur.

    I guess when people want to be negative, the true facts become secondary, and ignorance becomes acceptable.

    I enjoyed this post!

  7. Others have pointed out…

    – “Why’d he” bring Sen. McCain a birthday cake instead of going to the Gulf Coast after Katrina?

    – “Why’d he” lie and propagandize our nation into an unnecessary war?

    – “Why’d he” ring up the national debt, selling our nation’s future off to China and Saudi Arabia?

    And on and on…

  8. harrisdelphine

    I agree that some times judge people when they really don’t know all the facts. Politics has always been messy and will continue to be. Just look inside yourself and vote fro the one you think will best serve this country.

  9. Problembear, thanks for that post. I had no idea of Larry Johnson’s background until your post caused me to look it up.

    And you’re right. Johnson is a former CIA guy and Republican who didn’t switch parties until the Plame affair.

    For some reason, it’s hard to imagine that he has the best interests of the Democratic party in mind.

  10. GB, some excellent points. Though Clinton supporters might disagree, Obama didn’t attack Clinton in a lot of areas where she’s vulnerable – like associations with some loathsome people.

  11. Chaze, thanks! The attacks on the UCC are incomprehensible, and you’re right. They’re looking for any excuse to attack Obama.

  12. Rob, thanks for adding that, as I saw the same thing.

    I can only imagine Sean Hannity deliberately misrepresenting those comments in a show of fake outrage.

  13. Absolutely, harris. People must vote their consciences.

  14. “I hate the gooks,” McCain said yesterday in response to a question from reporters aboard his campaign bus. “I will hate them as long as I live.”

    McCain, a former Navy pilot who spent five years in a Vietnamese prisoner of war camp, was questioned about the language because of a story last month in the Nation magazine reporting his continued use of the slur.

    Since then, reports of McCain’s language have been circulating on Internet chat sites and e-mails among Asian Americans, many of whom find the the term offensive and inappropriate for an elected official.

    “The use of a racist slur can’t be acceptable for any national leader, regardless of his background,” said Diane Chin, executive director of the San Francisco-based Chinese for Affirmative Action. “For someone running for president not to recognize the power of words is a problem.”

    While McCain’s words may have little effect in conservative South Carolina, where few Asian Americans live, they could come back to haunt him in other states.

    “Historically, straight talkers who say things off the top of their heads eventually hang themselves with those sorts of remarks,” said Bruce Cain, a political scientist at the University of California at Berkeley.

    “While it might not hurt him now, Democrats are not going to have any hesitation about using this stuff to string him up later.”

    McCain made no apologies yesterday.

    “I was referring to my prison guards,” McCain said, “and I will continue to refer to them in language that might offend some people because of the beating and torture of my friends.”

    McCain made it clear that his anger extends only toward his captors. As a senator, he was one of the leaders of the postwar effort to normalize U.S. relations with Vietnam.

    “If people understood the context, they wouldn’t be upset,” Mike Murphy, a senior adviser to the campaign, said last night.

    But the racial slur used by the senator has a long, painful history that is felt by many Asian Americans.

    The word “gook” was first used in 1899 by American soldiers fighting Filipino insurgents. During the Korean War, the term was aimed at Koreans and Chinese. It was directed at the Vietnamese when Americans were fighting in Vietnam. It is now used as a slur toward any Asian or Pacific Islander.

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