McCain and the Green Wall

While trying to stay awake for McCain’s speech tonight, I couldn’t help myself to be distracted by the green wall behind him.

I thought I was just being silly, so it was nice to read that Marc Ambinder feels the same way:

I wish I had a screen grab… but the green background is very weird and very jarring.

On this stage, theatrics matter.

What were they thinking? McCain is not the best speaker in the world, and I thought tonight’s speech was pretty dismal. And what’s with that fake smile of his after he makes what he thinks is a pointed jab at Obama?

As for the green background, I’m imagining a couple of staffers brainstorming about what color to use for McCain’s backdrop.

In my mind, staffer one and staffer two had a chat:

Staffer one: John’s going to speak tomorrow night in New Orleans to get on prime-time before Clinton and Obama.

Staffer two: Uh-huh.

Staffer one: So we need to pick a color for his backdrop.

Staffer two: Uh-huh.

Staffer one: Shall we use black, like the main color on his website? Or maybe a mix of red, white, and blue.

Staffer two: Uh-huh.

Staffer one: Oh, I got it! Let’s use green! Green represents a commitment to the environment and many independents like the environment. Oh, and also, people associate green with growth and newness! We’ll show that John is young-at-heart by giving him a green background.

Staffer two: Uh-huh.

Staffer one: Green it is!!!

McCain’s people better learn the art of stagecraft, and learn it soon if their candidate is to have much of a chance against Obama.

3 responses to “McCain and the Green Wall

  1. Ha! That fake smile was creepy. He reminded me of a bad actor, reading lines and then emoting after the fact.

  2. His delivery really is awful. I often listen to NPR or POTUS ’08 on XM during my morning commute, and he actually is worse with just the audio.

    McCain seems capable only of delivering prepared remarks, and delivers them with an over-emphasis almost as if he’s reading a book to a child. It’s odd.

  3. Laura, GB, I’m so glad to read your posts.

    I wondered if I was just in a bad mood when McCain was speaking that made me react so negatively to him.

    Simply stated, McCain’s speech was pathetic!

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