Michelle Malkin on Michelle Obama and the “Whitey” Remarks

Ok, I can’t stand Michelle Malkin, but (please excuse the cliche) a stopped clock is right twice a day.

Malkin on the “whitey” story:

Many readers are wondering why I have not written a single word about the rumored Michelle Obama “whitey” video.

Simple: Larry Johnson, the main source of the rumors, is not, not, not to be trusted.

Moreover: The story keeps changing.

First, the rumor-mongers claimed, Obama appeared on tape with Louis Farrakhan. Now, the rumor is that the tape comes from this event where she appeared with Mrs. Farrakhan at a Rainbow/PUSH conference in 2004 (via reader Bill):

First, the rumor-mongers claimed, she said “whitey” on the tape. Now, the rumor is that she’s saying “why’d he” (referring to George Bush).

First, the rumor-mongers claimed, the “bombshell” would be released on Monday. Then it was yesterday. Now, it’s tomorrow. So, where’s the stupid tape?

It’s nice to see that Malkin can be intellectually honest. She’ll attack the Obamas for a multitude of reasons, many of them complete BS, but I’m glad she rejected this line of bullshit.

As for the other bullshit Malkin and her friends will throw at Obama?

I say, “bring it on!!”

10 responses to “Michelle Malkin on Michelle Obama and the “Whitey” Remarks

  1. nearlynormalized

    Rumor–Obama is gay!!!

  2. Hello Whitey here 🙂 Vote Bob Barr ‘o8 !

  3. Then again it could be a ploy by the GOP to get democrats off their game and to forget it exists until later in the race, there are two things that I see as a potential red flag…I could be wrong, as this is the first time I have heard the source’s name revealed, so that is new to me, but…
    #1 Bob Beckle has been a huge Obama supporter all year, he made the comment that the sources he has heard about the tape through are very reliable and it has his afraid. So why would he say that if this was coming from a bad source?
    #2 Some from the Obama camp immediately started spinning what was said as soon as the rumors were announced. Why would this be, if there is no tape? Many started saying that Michelle said, “Why’d he…” instead of “Whitey”

    Obama is not my man, but I cannot judge him based on this rumored tape until it is surfaced if it is there to be surfaced, but I can make my opinion based on his other associations and his views and policies, if this does turn out to be true, it will probably sink his campaign in my opinion.

  4. Obama and his wife are racists members of the black KKK. Simple truth, I hope they change.

    Tony Dukes

  5. When I start to agree with Malkin, I fear the world may spin off its axis.

    David Weigel over at Reason’s Hit & Run does a fairly good takedown of the story, pointing out the inconsistencies- oh hell, make it lies – of Larry Johnson.

  6. obama is a fkin racist

  7. Want to know how RACIST Mrs. Obama is??? Read her college paper!!!!

  8. I am hoping this rant video is being saved for an “October surprise”. If this video is released now, the average voter would forget about it by election day. People in the U.S. have short attn. spans for the most part.

  9. Michelle Malkin is a strident, opportunistic, bald-faced liar who gets far more attention in blogs and other media than she deserves.

  10. Nothing that comes out of Michelle Malkin’s mouth or her computer that concerns Michelle Obama is factual. Nothing.

    If you can take the truth, let me give just one example of Michelle Malkin’s reliance on half-truths and outright lies.

    In “Culture of Corruption”, Malkin makes it a point to say that Michelle Obama “was literally born into the Chicago political corruptocracy,” suggesting that because her father was a volunteer precinct captain and held a city job, she had to be a party to cronyism and embraced the practice to get ahead. In fact, the biography of Michelle Obama that Malkin cites in making this dubious case argued the exact opposite– that the first lady’s experience in the “powerful political machine” of Richard J. Daley made her and her family “extremely cynical about politics and politicians” until they met Barack Obama. Obama’s political career was pushed in part by a coalition of people who had grown up in opposition to Daley and whose goal was breaking the Machine, but you’ll never read that in a book written by Michelle Malkin.

    The fact is that Michelle Obama’s father, Frank Robinson, worked as a “Precinct Captain” because he no other choice. The majority of people serving as precinct captains did so because their jobs depended on it. Robinson, whom Malkin fails to mention had MS, had a family to raise and he did what the political machine demanded. Malkin’s hatchet job conveniently ignores the fact that doing “volunteer” work in Chicago was, in fact, the only way you could get a city job.

    “To get a city job, you’d have to have some kind of recommendation from your ward committeeman,” says Don Rose, describing a system in which it was crucial to have a recommender, somebody watching out for you — your patron. Daley kept a file cabinet with a list of jobs in it and was said to know the names of everybody who held them. “We had some volunteers but the majority of the people were serving as precinct captains because their jobs depended on it,” says Cliff Kelley, a former South Side alderman who was familiar with machine culture. Most of the time, Kelley says, a person’s political activism, and the job he held, were inseparably linked.

    Michelle Malkin’s personal attacks on Michelle Obama are just one example of her selective editing, innuendo and guilt-by-association tactics, the likes of which we haven’t seen since the McCarthy era. Every other aspect of this book deals with the subject matter in the same dishonest manner.

    Michelle Obama’s comments in Chicago about racial issues have been taken out of context and conveniently ignore the fact that the city of Chicago was a bastion of racist politics. Unless you think that Mayor Daley was an open-minded liberal.

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