That Clinton will drop out on Saturday:

Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton will endorse Senator Barack Obama on Saturday, bringing a close to her 17-month campaign for the White House, aides said. Her decision came after Democrats urged her Wednesday to leave the race and allow the party to coalesce around Mr. Obama.

Howard Wolfson, one of Mrs. Clinton’s chief strategists, and other aides said she would express support for Mr. Obama and party unity at an event in Washington that day. One adviser said Mrs. Clinton would concede defeat, congratulate Mr. Obama and proclaim him the party’s nominee, while pledging to do what was needed to assure his victory in November.

Reading that article made me feel a little bit giddy, and it gave me a sense of relief.

Barack Obama  is the presumtpive Democratic nominee.

My giddiness can be explained by his having earned the nomination, and that fact is seeking in.

The relief is based on the fact that it now looks unlikely that the race will be decided after a long floor fight in Denver.  Democrats don’t seem to win when their conventions are ugly.

With Clinton out on Saturday, I’m glad that we can start focusing on McCain.


2 responses to “Relief…

  1. Maybe I’m just a bit too pessimistic at times but I am waiting for the other shoe to drop.

  2. Nah, she’s out. And the Michelle “whitey” video doesn’t exist.

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