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Holy shit.

Good Morning…or at least I am trying to believe it is. J and I lost our house and both of our cars yesterday to flood waters in Columbus. We are safe, as well as our animals. We are currently staying at J’s mom’s in Indianapolis (We were lucky to have gotten out…Columbus is now an island). I’m not sure for how long we’ll be at N’s or what our next step is, but J has made the necessary calls. We’ll know the true damage when we get to go back…when we left the area the water was at least 4 feet high and hadn’t crested yet. If you are the praying sort, send one up for us. If you need us you can reach us on our cell phones.

6 responses to “From the Inbox

  1. Yesterday was just crazy. I had flooding in my yard where I’ve never had flooding before and the house about a block over from me got hit by lightning.

  2. Terrant, I’m glad that you and your family appear to be well.

    It was a crazy day. I’ve never seen a river in my back yard like I did yesterday.

    It seems that we’re lucky that there were few deaths from the storm — the property damage was bad enough.

  3. I couldn’t believe all of the flooding on the south side. We were down there Saturday and it was pretty scary at times. Oh, and we saw a cemetery under water. Creepy!

  4. Shit. My buddy L lives in Columbus, and she sent pics. Her neighborhood was pretty much an aquatic (non) paradise. We live in Seymour and saw a bit of the flooding and roads being washed out (like we always do when it storms), but nothing like this. I hope it dries out soon and doesn’t get any worse.

  5. Double shit. I take that back. They’re saying we got near-record flooding in Seymour, and a lot of people lost their homes. I wasn’t paying attention, and that makes me lame.

    I did notice that CNN gave Indiana 3.5 seconds of coverage on Saturday morning in between shifs of Hillary Speech Watch.

  6. Laura – yikes!

    B. Davis – ha! You’re like me. I was so engrossed with Clinton’s speech, I didn’t bother to think much about the rain until a few hours later when my mother called to tell me about the floods.

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