Hillary is 44 – Off the Deep End

OK, I know that I promised to lay off writing about Clinton and her supporters, but a certain subset of Clinton supporters is way over the top.

From Hillaryis44‘s front page:

Obama’s attacks on Hillary were also attacks on her supporters. We were, and are, called “racists” and “Republicans” among other choice slanders by Obama’s campaign and supporters. Hillary is a great and gracious woman capable of forgiving those who have attacked her. We decide how we respond when we are called “racists” and “Republicans”. Our choice is not to vote for the race-baiting, gay-bashing, woman hating, not qualified to be president, Obama.

Where to start?

First, Obama was pretty easy on Clinton. He could have gone after Bill Clinton and his current and past scandals, but he didn’t. Obama was pretty cordial to Clinton, actually.

Second, well, Clinton supporters may have been called racist.  Words sometimes get out of control in silly season. But most Clinton supporters are no more racist than most Obama supporters are sexist.Obama supporters have also had some mean names thrown at them. “Misogynists, cultists, elitists, latte-drinkers,” are the first ones that come to mind. There were many others.

Third, they choose not to support the race-baiting, gay-bashing, woman hating, not qualified to be president, Obama.

Project much? When did Obama ever race-bait? When did he ever gay bash? When did he show that he hates women?

Never, that’s when.

As for the not qualified to be president smear? Under the US constitution, he is qualified to be president as he was born in the US and is over 35. If you’re talking about resume qualifications, well, no, he hasn’t spent as much time in Washington as McCain. Abraham Lincoln was less qualified than Obama is if we use that standard. Obama’s experience might not be much like that of McCain – but it’s different. Obama’s experience is damn good for a new president in a transformative election cycle.


We will not vote nor ask anyone to vote for John McCain or any Republican because we care too much about the issues before the nation.

Seems fair.

Hillary has been and is our candidate, role model, and inspiration. Hillary has never been our Messiah.

We will write in Hillary’s name in NOvember.

But I thought the issues were too important to vote for McCain? And how is voting for McCain different from voting for Nader or leaving your presidential ballot blank?

We also will not leave the Democratic? Party and we urge everyone to stay in the Party and fight to restore the great party of FDR to its former greatness. We will fight within the party, vote in the Democratic? Party primaries against those who helped the race-baiting, gay-bashing, woman-hating, not qualified to be president, Obama.

Ok, we get it. You hate Obama and his supporters. Thanks, We don’t hate you.

In my past presidential primaries, I worked really hard for candidates that lost. Jerry Brown and Howard Dean were the ones that I worked hardest for. In the heat of the primary battles, I said that I wouldn’t vote for Bill Clinton or Kerry ever. And I meant it.

But as time went on, the bitterness waned. I remembered that Clinton and Kerry represented my views far better than Bush I or Bush II ever would. So I plugged my nose and voted for those guys I disliked. It sucked, but I did the right thing.

So militant Clinton people –politics is all about heartbreak. Clinton’s defeat was tough for you. I know what that’s like. I really do.

But don’t sit out this election or vote for McCain simply because you are mad at the media, Obama, or Obama people.

The stakes are too great to allow a Democrat to lose this election simply to prove a point.

5 responses to “Hillary is 44 – Off the Deep End

  1. I am wondering what percentage of Hillary’s supporters are what Richardson described as the ones “with a sense of entitlement.” I believe that those are the ones who are going to vote for McCain out of spite. After all if Obama loses, it opens the door for her in 2012.

  2. I really struggle to understand the enmity that some of these people bring to the discourse. Commenters over at Taylor Marsh compare – with some frequency – Hillary Clinton to a victim of domestic violence for the, ahem, “abuse” they perceive she has suffered. Some of these people truly come across unhinged and really put forward such outrageous notions.

    Speaking to Terrant’s point above, I think these hardcore followers don’t come at this from a sense of entitlement. Instead, I think they saw in Mrs. Clinton’s candidacy a redress for grievances they suffered during their lives. I think they attached some sort of personal redemption to her effort. And now it’s shattered around them.

    Of note, I caught a comment last week from the gentleman who was Romney’s outreach director for evangelicals (unfortunately, his name escapes me) and he estimates that Obama could pull 1/3 of evangelicals. If he can draw anything close to those numbers, the hardcore Clinton devotees will be meaningless.

  3. Terrant, I think a portion of the Clinton voters did feel that she was entitled to the nomination for whatever reason. Maybe because she put up with Bill’s philandering to become president? The entitlement thing was always baffled me.

    GB brings up a good point in that it seems that a good chunk of the remaining militant Clintonites (who remind me of Japanese soldiers in the South Pacific who didn’t know that WWII was over) internalized Clinton’s candidacy way too much. For them, Clinton’s election was a way to right the wrongs they suffered when they were passed over for better jobs, suffered a bad divorce, or were just made to feel like shit because of their gender.

    They seem to be misdirecting their (legitimate) anger.

    In the end, I also agree w/GB that the militant Clintonites will be meaningless, as the GOP base isn’t thrilled w/McCain, and Obama does stand to gain ground among evangelicals, and when you combine that with a huge voter turnout by people under 30 and African Americans, Obama should be OK.

  4. The remarks over there regarding Tim Russert’s death are quite stomach turning.

    I’m with you. I couldn’t stand John Kerry but I didn’t wish death upon him or any reporter who was rude to Howard Dean.

  5. Holy shit. The remarks there are worse than I had imagined.

    rjk1957 starts things off like this:

    “Admin, I will not be polite… Karma baby that is all I will say, first Kennedy and his brain tumor, then the flooding in Iowa and now Russert… Obamatrons beware the wrath of God, you could be next”

    And it goes downhill from there.

    It reminds me of the fundies who said that Katrina was caused by gays and feminists.

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