Best Website Ever!!

You’ve probably seen this: Hillary Clinton Supporters for John McCain, or, but there it is in case  you missed it.

Note the poor spelling, atrocious graphics that are reminiscent of a 1997 Geocities page, and the silly video on the front page that is straight from a youtube video a Freeper might put up.

From the about page:

Hi folks. My name is Ed Hale and I am life long Democrat till May 31, 2008. When I saw those 30 people break the rules and make their own, and then to vote to take away 4 of Hillary Clinton’s delegates, but worst of all, make the uncommitted go for Obama, that was my last straw.  What I saw today was what went on in the USSR (Russia) 30 years ago. The Boss’s called the shots, and I decide that I did not want any part of them.

They have treated Hillary Clinton worst than I would treat a mad dog. This site is up to get like minded people to join so if they do go ahead and nominate Obama, we will be ready to make sure that he never goes to the White House. If Hillary get the nomination, then I will be leading the charge for her.

Also note that when you click on the “our plans” link, the owner of the site says this:

It is our mission to raise money, promote John McCain. We will set up a “527” to raise money, run TV and radio ads against Obama. The Democrat party has left us out in the cold, so we are going to build a fire that they cannot put out.

What Democrat would ever say “the Democrat party?”  Uh, maybe only a fake one who seeks to sow Democratic dischord.

The comments on the site are precious.

You really have to just go see it.

But maybe I’m just an elitist.


5 responses to “Best Website Ever!!

  1. That’s just priceless!

  2. I find it funny that her supporters expected the democrat party to bend the rules for her. Now that the rules have been bent and she got the majority of the delegates based on sham elections, they continue to complain. But what do you expect from her supporters who expected the nomination to be given to her on a silver platter?

    I’ve seen the theory put forth that a number of these people are actually republicans posing as democrats to keep Hillary supporters mad at the party. How much validity do you think there is to that?

  3. I’m typically very skeptical of such things, but I’m starting to think that there is some merit to what Terrant says and what our good host mentions in the post – that these aren’t really Democrats, but Republicans stirring the pot. Many of these sites are really over the top.

    Of course, this would presuppose that the McCain team has gleaned how to leverage the “internets” and I’m not so sure of that.

  4. We set the record straight at the .org site!

  5. My thoughts exactly! No real Democrat would say “Democrat Party!” How sadly transparent!

    Also, Hillary supporters probably know how to spell and write in complete sentences. It’s scary though to think that there really are Hillary people who plan to vote for McCain…

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