Hillary Clinton Supporters for John McCain – Wow

Sorry to pick on these people again, but they are reminding me why I thought they might be GOPers trying to sow dissent.

Read about their plans:

I think what we need to do is run a 1/2 or full page ad in the Chicago Sun Time letting the whole dam world know that we are full of the BS that Obama and the DNP is feeding us.
If we do this in Chicago, then the Obama camp will shit a brick. We will go into his own backyard and mess with him. That would be fun because the shoe would be on the other foot.
Let our ad show that there is over a 2 million of us who are unhappy and will vote for John McCain if Hillary is not the nominee. Also we will vote a straight Republican Ticket if Hillary is not the nominee.
First, WTF is the DNP? I have a hard time believing any Clinton supporters are that illiterate.
We would use a open letter to Howard Dean, Superdelegats, delegates to the DNP convention. We will simple state that if Hillary is not the nominee, then we are going to vote a straight Republican Ticket and throw all of them out of office.
The Clinton people I know who want to screw the party understand that even if they hate Obama, it’s still in their interest to vote for Democrats in down-ticket races.
I had also thought about hitting some of the cities with ads in the Thrifty Nickel. Less expensive and common folks read them cause they are free.

Give me your feed back. Ed
Does the Thrifty Nickel accept political advertising? I thought they mostly advertised for pit bull puppies and old El Caminos.
And if you have any doubts that these people are GOPers, check out their store. It’s full of shit like t-shirts that read DemoRats, Anyone but a Democrat, Anti-war = Pro-terrorism, and other stupid GOP slogans.

6 responses to “Hillary Clinton Supporters for John McCain – Wow

  1. You’re probably right!

  2. I just talked to a woman who is an Obama in NY – Hillary’s domain. About a week and a half ago there was a delegate meeting between the two camps. There was and probably is some tension, but it’s mostly about who gets the paying jobs in the Obama campaign offices and things like that now. If her NY delegation – the seat of her political power – so has everyone else who’s for real. Some of these people might really have voted for Hillary but on the whole this is a exercise in GOP sock puppetry.

  3. Sorry, in above comment meant to say that the woman I spoke to is an Obama pledged delegate. The meeting included supers, too, btw.

  4. The idea of a Republican store cracks me up. Do they sell spackle to fill the hole that remains after your soul is sucked out?

  5. They really kind of show their cards with the store, if you ask me. I don’t care if you think Obama is doing the devil’s work, no Democrat would ever have anything to do with slogans that proclaim, “The 2nd Amendment: The Original Homeland Security”, “I’d rather hunt with Dick Cheney than ride with Ted Kennedy”, “I don’t believe the liberal media”, “Anti War = Pro Terrorism”….etc.

    How transparent and utterly foolish. Apparently my inclination to draw conclusions about the intellect of the person behind this endeavor based upon their use of the English language was not rash.

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