Dumbest Person in the World?

Obama has Arab tendencies?

Poor Joy.


6 responses to “Dumbest Person in the World?

  1. Dude. Have you looked at the Concerned Women for America website? Those people scare the shit out of me!

  2. I think Joy’s more “average.” She can recognize that sometimes a politician may lie to further his/her aims. But she can’t recognize that CWA and Focus on the Family and Operation Rescue might lie for the same reason. Kind of like a mom who knows those kids down the block lied when they said they didn’t cover her tree with toilet paper, but totally believes the bong she found in her son’s room wasn’t his.

    Oh, and the “live” abortion stories. I guess I’m just glad she didn’t say he EATS babies.

    Arab Tendencies: Selling area rugs that are possessed by demons, selling oil lamps with demons in them, talking funny, driving taxis, or hoarding oil. And possibly eating babies.

  3. BD, great point! She’s more average than stupid.

    HA about the bong in the kids’ room. Such denial.

  4. Laura- yikes! CW for America is downright frightening. What planet are they living on?

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