Dog Blogging and Fireworks

LiveScience asks if fireworks scare pets.

No shit? Why did they even bother?

They conclude that many pets are indeed terrified of fireworks. Here are some of their suggestions to keep your pets safe:

1) Never leave pets alone outdoors, even if tethered or in a fenced yard. Dogs, especially, may escape and become lost or injure themselves by chewing or choking on their leashes. Keep small pets sheltered indoors and horses in their stalls.

2) Put them inside an inner room in the house if possible and make sure all sharp objects are removed from the enclosure.

3) Turn on the radio or TV for distraction.

4) Do not take a pet to fireworks shows.

Good tips, all of them.

But this is Dexter, my Old English Sheepdog:

He’s a good dog, but he’s so scared of the noises associated with fireworks that he won’t go outside to do what he needs to do while neighborhood kids shoot off firecrackers and bottle rockets on the night before the Fourth of July. Those noises scare Dexter shitless. Literally.

I’m fully expecting to have to clean up a pile of brown stuff on my basement floor in the morning. No matter how hard we try, he simply seems to be unable to get over his aversion to loud pops.

4 responses to “Dog Blogging and Fireworks

  1. I’d say ‘no shit’ is about the answer that question deserves.

    I spent the Fourth with my parents, my sister, her husband and his parents – and everyone’s six dogs. We spent the weekend at our family’s lake house, and a few neighbors put on really extraordinary fireworks displays. Good for us, bad for the dogs.

    Our experience over several years of dealing with this tells us that the best thing to do is run them/exercise them like all hell during the day, and then turn a radio or tv on loud. Also, all of them in the same room seemed to help as they appeared to find comfort in each other.

  2. GB, glad to you hear you had a good Fourth! Sounds like a lot of fun.

    Thanks for sharing that advice. Getting them to run a lot on the days when there are a lot of pops makes a lot of sense so they can crash to the loud TV noises and not worry about the noise. I hadn’t thought of that.

    BTW, I was relieved that Dexter didn’t release his bowels inside even once over the holiday weekend.

  3. I’m glad Dexter managed to hold it in!!!

    We had good luck this year, which is saying something since among the six dogs are three rescues, who tend to be very, very nervous. We’ve found that if they’re tired enough, they’ll fall right to sleep in spite of the loud noise. And whose dog couldn’t use the extra exercise, anyway???

  4. Mine sure can! I’m embarrassed that I haven’t taken them out to run as much as I should in the last couple of months.

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