A Few Reasons Why I Love this Country

Wingnuts like to tell us that liberals are not patriotic. We all know that’s a bunch of BS, but for some reason, too many voters buy into that meme.


Liberals love this country as much as conservatives do, no matter what Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh or others of their ilk might say.

Given those circumstances, it seems a let me point out some of the reasons I love the US:

The 1st Ammendment, 4th of July fireworks, abolitionsists, Abraham Lincoln,  Apollo space program, Appalachia, apple pie, argument, Austin, TX, baseball, BBQ, the Bill of Rights, Bob Dylan, the blues, diners, California, Chicago, Chicago deep dish pizza, chili cookoffs, Cesar Chavez, civil rights marches, corn on the cob, Christmas in Indiana, Earl Warren,  Elanor Roosevelt, Ellis Island, the Everglades, Family Guy, fireworks  flappers, football, Franklin Delano Roosvelt, Frederick Douglas,  freedom, George Washingon, Georgia peaches, the Grand Canyon, Habitat for Humanity, hamburgers, John Brown, I Love Lucy, immigration, inability to understand or enjoy soccer, jazz,  John F. Kennedy, Johny Cash, Langston Hughes, Lewis and Clark, macaroni and cheese,  Maryland’s Eastern Shore, New York, New York bagels, nonprofits, Maine, Manhattan, Mark Twain, Maya Angelou, Mexican food, Napa Valley Wines, New Orleans, October in Virginia,  punk rock, reform, Robert F. Kennedy, rock and roll, the Rocky Mountains, San Francisco, Seattle, the Simpsons,  Star Wars, state fairs, Steve Earle, suffragettes, Teddy Kennedy, Teddy Roosevelt, Thomas Jefferson, TIVO, underground railroad, Washington, DC, Wisconsin cheese, WWII, Vermont.

What needs to be added to the list?

And happy 4th!

7 responses to “A Few Reasons Why I Love this Country

  1. Your list is remiss without “BBQ” on there.

  2. Thanks pigwig! I just added BBQ to the list.

  3. I tend to lean more conservative…but I have to 100 percent agree with your list. See, who says we don’t have commen ground.

    you did forget Chicago deep dish pizza though, and New York Bagels, and although I am not a huge baseball fan… pretty patriotic to put it on the list.

    Fun post, thanks!

  4. Write-

    Thanks! I think as Americans we do have a lot more common ground than we think we do.

    I added your suggestions to the the list.

    Happy 4th!

  5. I’m late to the game, but I think I’d put forward:

    Habitat for Humanity, October in Virginia, Frederick Douglas, Family Guy, Maryland’s Eastern Shore, Teddy Kennedy, Napa Valley wines (esp the reds….), Steve Earle, chili cookoffs, Tivo, the Bill of Rights, Ellis Island, macaroni and cheese, Johnny Cash, fireworks, weber grills, Earl Warren.

  6. Thanks for those, GB. All of them added, but I did have to look up Steve Earle – and I approve. Where is he from?

  7. Steve Earle – I think – is originally from Northern Virginia. Today he resides in New York and tours all over the country. He’s always sounded to me like a grittier and more ideological Springsteen. He’s a tremendous talent.

    His song “The Revolution Starts Now” appears on Fahrenheit 9/11. He used to have a show on Air America.

    Check out “Copperhead Road”, “I ain’t ever Satisfied” and “Rich Man’s War.” He may have a little too much of a country sound for some, but I figured he was a worthy addition. The guy puts his money where his mouth is. In an age of celebrities and artists who often pay little more than lip service to political activism and involvement, Steve Earle is the real deal.

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