Matt Drudge Is Still an Asshole

If you look at the Drudge Report right now, you’ll see a headline at the top of the page that reads: Federal Investigation Launched into Obama’s MD-80.

Sounds serious, huh?

The Feds are investigating Barack Obama’s MD-80! Obama must have done something horrible to get the Feds to investigate his MD-80, even if I have no idea what an MD-80 might be.

Well, if you click on the link that Drudge provides, you’ll learn this:

The National Transportation Safety Board said Monday that it is investigating what caused Senator Barack Obama’s plane to make an unexpected landing today in St. Louis.

The presumptive Democratic nominee for president was traveling from Chicago to Charlotte when the pilot’s first officer announced that they were experiencing controllability issues with the pitch of the MD-80 series aircraft.

So, on the top of Drudge’s page, we’re told that the Feds are investigating something about Obama. That sounds pretty scandalous. But if you click on the link, you learn that the MD-80 is simply the airplane that Obama was flying on that had to make an emergency landing in St. Louis today.

Way to provide a misleading headline, Matt! Good work. Your mother must be proud.


One response to “Matt Drudge Is Still an Asshole

  1. Wow, you are pushing it here. Drudge is practically endorsng Barack Hussein.

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