John McCain Hates Hippies

It’s if McCain’s new ad were from a different era:

I respect his service, but doesn’t this ad feel as if it would have been more effective 20 years ago than it will be now?

Yes, we know he thinks he’s better than those dirty hippies, but what can he do about the state of our economy?


2 responses to “John McCain Hates Hippies

  1. Yes, while you hippy, dippy flower children were busy dropping acid and having free sex, John McCain was imprisoned in VietNam. And, of course, there is the obligatory shot of McCain with Reagan. Blech.

  2. Ha! It’s really sad to me that they have to campaign as if McCain were Nixon running against the dirty hippies of 1968.

    The ad may appeal to older voters, but, I don’t think it will work on anyone under 65.

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