Satire? Or Reenforcing Right-Wing/PUMA Myths?

I admit that when I first saw this image from the latest cover of the New Yorker, my reaction was one of anger: how DARE they?

But then I got over it.

Sure, they were going for shock value, but I think it does a good job of pointing out the absurdity of the right-wing/PUMA/Larry Johnson/ myths. That’s exactly how those people portray Obama; to them, he’s a flag-buring, jihad-waging, Osama-loving radical Muslim with a crazy Christian preacher. They also think Obama is a latte-drinking, arugula-eating, New York Times-reading elitist who practices terrorist fist jabs with his wife, who is an updated version of Angela Davis.

My only worry is how this might be viewed by an average low-information news consumer. This will be all over the media, so my worry is that it may form some kind of indelible image in the minds of some potential swing voters?

But I still think it’s a damn good piece of satire.


3 responses to “Satire? Or Reenforcing Right-Wing/PUMA Myths?

  1. Knee capping- You have been Hillary Clintoned!

    The New Yorker Cover officially gives Hillary Clinton the title of knee capper.

    Clinton usurped the title of synonym with knee capping from a past figure skater who could not win in competition, so she had her opponent “knee capped”. Now when you are knee capped you have been Hillary Clintoned.

    PUMA is a $3 dollar bill.
    It is political dirty tricks pretending to be supporters, just political operatives in a fake support organization.

    The prior figure skater thanks Hillary Clinton for taking the title of knee capper.

    New Yorker Cover Crown- You have been Hillary Clintoned.

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