“Please Don’t Vote for a Democrat”

Mike Meehan is only trying to help Republicans. That’s why he’s posted a patriotic billboard in Orange County, Florida that shows the an image of the burning World Trade Center with the caption “Please Don’t Vote for a Democrat.”


Remember, Bill Clinton was in office on September 11, 2001 and it was Bill Clinton who ignored the Daily Presidential Brief of August 6, 2001 entitled “Bin Laden Determined to Strike in US.”

So 9/11 is the fault of the Democrats.


If you vote for Democrats, you’ll help cause another terrorist attack.

If you have any doubts,  Mr. Meehan was nice enough to post a video of his hit single, the Republican Song:

If you can’t bear to watch it, you can read the lyrics ,which are also really nice:

The Democrat secular progressive move,
political correctness is killing us too.
They want to take the money from the hard workin man,
and give it to the lazy folks that don’t give a damn.

Democrats and Liberals, shame on you,
don’t punish us all just to please a few,
Your holdin people back while we’re pickin up the slack,
and that’s why we can’t vote for a Democrat.
Oh no, a no, no, no, no, no, no…

See, the problem with Democrats is that they want to help lazy people (might that be code for something?) at the expense of all hard-working white Americans. That’s why if you read Obama’s platform, you’ll read that it’s just full of new entitlement programs for lazy people.

Seriously, I have a hard time imagining that these kinds of fact-free attacks will have much of an effect any more, but what’s to keep him from trying?


7 responses to ““Please Don’t Vote for a Democrat”

  1. The author of the original song entitled “The Republican Song”, a song written in 1998 making fun of how Republicans think, is not amused. To say the least, heh :-).

  2. Thanks for posting that, Badtux.

    Do the lyrics from the original Republican song remind you of anyone?

    “Well I bought me a wife a trophy to keep”

    Well, maybe he didn’t buy her, but Cindy is a bit of a trophy wife.

  3. Mike Meehan is an anti-american piece of shit…

  4. Keith B Keegan

    The problem with Democrats is that they want to help lazy people (might that be code for something?) at the expense of all hard-working white Americans.

    This statement is the kind of racist trash that we need to remove from our society. I appologize to all offended persons for this person’s biggotted opinions.

    Who was our president when the attacks occured. Bush did no more than Clinton, and he took his father’s personnal agenda all the way to Bagdad. Iran thanks the republicans for handing over Iraq to them.

  5. I’ve blogged about this guy over at “Local Blogger Writes the World” but you might be more interested in these:


    Penned by one “Mike Meehan”. The only thing about them is that one cannot positively identify the author as the same “Mike Meehan” responsible for both the Billboard and the “song” but the sentiments expressed are certainly in the same vein.

    Food for Thought I suppose.

  6. Wow – I am a huge Badtux fan. I check that site out all the time.

    Silly things like this only appeal to Limbaugh listeners, Corner readers, and Hannity watchers.

    Of course, it was Bush who ignored the August 6, 2001 PDB which informed him that Bin Laden was determined to strike in the US. One little reported fact from that briefing: not only did he ignore it, but even told the briefer, according to several reports: “Ok, you’ve covered your ass now.” Nice.

  7. He made the top ten terrorists list over at http://toptenterrorists.org 🙂

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