For some reason (don’t ask me why), I decided to visit hcsfjm this evening, and I gotta say I was way too amused by this video that they have up on their front page:

You see, according to the video, “Obama was sworn in on a Koran” (lie), “he refuses to say the pledge of allegiance” (lie), “he admits he used cocaine and marijuana” (so what?), “he spent four years in a Muslim school called a madrassa” (lie). Then the video presents some shit about Obama pretending to be Christian and shows a video of Reverend Wright. They go on to tell us that the world has seen radicals like Obama before, so they show us pictures of Obama next to Hitler, Obama next to Sadaam Hussein, and Obama next to bin Laden.

Next, they quote some shit from the Book of Revelation that imply that Obama is the anti-Christ because he speaks well and because if he became president, he would have the power to wage war. Or something.

The final screen in the video says:

If you disagree with anything in this video I don’t care if you plan to leave a negative comment save your time they will be removed the contents of this video are fact and I have the right to say whatever i want welcome to america

Well, it certainly is the right of Corpusarium (the guy who posted the video) to say whatever he wants. In this country, it’s not a crime to lie, even if the lies can be refuted by a two second Google search.

Corpusarium, hcsfjm people, welcome to the United States. You can make up all the shit you want and there will always be a number of dumbasses who will believe you.

But this time, you will fail.


3 responses to “Satire?

  1. I certainly hope that Obama went to a madrassa.

    madrassa = school

  2. MrGonz, great point…

    Now should we start suggesting that McCain is unfit to be president because he studied at a madrassa known as the US Naval Academy?

  3. I listened to a radio broadcast put on by the guy who started the site. After listening for a while, it became clear that he is part of “Operation Chaos”. He claims to have been a Democrat, yet he is for the same things the current Republicans are: offshore drilling, corporate tax breaks, etc. There is no way a sane person would ever vote for McCain after supporting Hillary. Their policies are completely opposite.

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