Obama Abroad

I’ve been enjoying Obama’s trip abroad so far.

Chris Cillizza stated it well:

Obama cleared a crucial bar in today’s press conference. He looked and sounded presidential at a moment when the eyes of the world were on him.

Will it dramatically affect the race at home when Obama returns? It’s hard to tell. But, rest assured that if Obama today had come across as flip or not sufficiently versed on the issues in Iraq and the Middle East, it would have been a major problem for his candidacy. Obama cleared that hurdle with ease.

But this was also pretty damn cool:

“… the King “drove Obama – literally, the King was behind the wheel of a Mercedes — to his campaign plane on the tarmac in Amman at 9:15 pm.”

This is shaping up to be a really good trip for Obama.

I wonder if McCain is regretting having urged Obama to visit Iraq.


3 responses to “Obama Abroad

  1. Yes, I think this trip abroad has given him a huge boost. I love it! He does look very presidential. And it’s so refreshing to see Obama and imagine him in the role of commander in chief … in stead of the current embarrassment.

  2. The role of statesman fits him well. It has been a really impressive thing to watch.

    I don’t see how this doesn’t affect the race back here. McCain looks kind of, well, bumbling. One thing that has continually impressed me about Obama is his ability to rise to the challenge. He just never seems out of his element.

  3. Laura, GB, I LOVE how presidential he looks while overseas. Imagine having a commander-in-chief we can be proud of!

    GB, McCain is just looking pathetic these days compared to Obama. Did you see where McCain accused Obama of flip-flopping on genocide? So sad.

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