Dog Blogging – Seeking Advice

There’s this kid in my neighborhood who is going through a hard time. His family is very poor, and since the kid doesn’t eat all that often, I think his dog eats even less.

He has to move from where I live, which is about an hour outside of Indy where the kid has free access to a lake, woods, streams, and where he has a lot of friends to go live in a shitty apartment complex in Indy. That’s sad enough for him.

But worse, his mother told him yesterday that he has to give up his dog (Brownie) and he doesn’t think that his sister can take Brownie.

Like a sucker, I volunteered to be Brownie’s foster parent.

This is Brownie:

Brownie is staying in the garage tonight. He’s sweet as hell, but as thin as a Latin American street dog. He ate five cups of dry food and one can of wet food tonight, whereas my dogs usually eat two cups of dry food each and share a can of wet food daily. He seems to be flea-ridden.

The plan is to take him to the vet tomorrow so he can get his shots and get an examination to determine how healthy he is. That’s the easy part.

Once he is declared to be healthy, I will have to introduce him to my two dogs, Robie and Dexter.

I’ve heard that it’s horrible when two dogs meet a third to join their pack. I’ve also been told that they start fighting and chewing on things when a third dog is introduced.

Does anyone know if this is true? Is there a better way to get them to meet so they all get along?


7 responses to “Dog Blogging – Seeking Advice

  1. Hi you are angel for taking Brownie in. If you guys are good with dogs, you will have no problem introducing Brownie. It’s amazing how so many fallacies about animals get started. The most important thing when socializing a new dog is how well do your dogs listen to you.

    Are your guys friendly with dogs they don’t know ? Has Brownie ever had the opportunity to meet other dogs ? Does Brownie or your guys seem nervous at all ?
    These are just some of the things you should think about.

    If you need detailed information on how to get these guys to meet each other, I have some info on my blog about socializing. If you can’t find it, email me or post a comment on any post. And I’ll get back to you.

    IF you do visit the blog, check out the pictures.

    Good Luck

    By the way. I’m guessing the dogs you have must be similar in size to the new guy. Yes, No, Maybe ?

  2. Cheers to you. What an awful situation for this family. But how fortunate for Brownie.

    Let us know how he’s doing.

  3. My initial suggestion – and I have many opinions for certain – is to take all three dogs to neutral territory for their initial introductions. Ideally, just a really long walk on leashes with maybe your two having one handler and Brownie having the other handler. The distraction is good for their inital meeting, and you nearly remove any territorialism from the equation.

    You’ll think I am nuts, but I think I know that dog.


  4. Spiritdog, thanks so much! It seems like they are going to be fine.

    My dogs have always been OK w/other dogs, especially dogs from my family; I think they can sense that we like those dogs, so my dogs are happy to see and greet them.

    Also, thanks for informing me about your blog! You’re now on my blog roll.

    Your blog is interesting and entertaining on subjects that too few dog owners consider.

  5. Thanks, GB. I appreciate your kind words.

    I’m about to post a Brownie update.

    He’s a great dog!

  6. NLR, ha! I think Brownie is a lot darker than the ones in your pic. I’ll have to take a full picture of Brownie, so you can see how he really looks.

    Your advice was followed today, Dexter and Robie met Brownie in a nearby green area, and they became friends quickly!

    Brownie is still mostly isolated because he tested positive for worms, but he’ll expel them soon so he can spend more time w/the rest of us.

  7. I’ll have Doc Hunter give you a call this weekend. I think he can answer any questions you may have.

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