McCain in Germany


Republican presidential candidate John McCain had his own German experience Thursday — at a restaurant in Ohio. He asserted that he was happy to devote his time this week to touring the nation’s heartland.

I’m starting to feel sorry for McCain.

Is his campaign team one of the most inept ones in modern American political history?


2 responses to “McCain in Germany

  1. It’s so weird how he always has that fake creepy smile going on. Maybe he’s trying to combat the notion that he is a hot head.

  2. theoccasionalphilosopher

    I personally think that the reason why McCain is doing poorly in the elections is because:
    1. He is way too old to be running a presidential election
    2. People are plain tired of Republicans. Look at the state of the economy (national debt is currently @ 9.5 trillion dollars!) and you will understand why.

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