There’s a KFC in Fallujah!

Great news! The surge has worked! As proof “Fox and Friends” cites the opening of a brand new Kentucky Fried Chicken in Fallujah:

The only problem?

It’s not an actual KFC, just some counterfeit KFC that some locals put together.

In a letter to TPM, YUM! Restaurants spokesman writes:

I understand you wanted some details about the store in Falluja that looks like a KFC. This store is not approved by KFC International and we have working with the US Military to warn the troops of this situation.

I wonder how much it would cost Fox to employ a fact-checker.

Nah, it’ll never happen, as Fox seems to take pride in providing fact-free news and opinion.


2 responses to “There’s a KFC in Fallujah!

  1. I think they had a lucky escape. And this will explain why:

  2. There’s still people who eat KFC chicken? Huh. That is some bland and greasy sh*t. On the rare occasion that I do eat fried chicken, I make it Popeyes.

    – Badtux the Cajun Penguin

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