Bush in China

I’ve been enjoying the opening ceremonies of the Beijing games.

The Chinese have put on a hell of a show, and they should be very proud.

But our Dear Leader was at the ceremonies and he pissed me off a couple of times.

First, NBC showed him shaking his foot and checking his watch during the Parade of Nations (which I love to watch). He seemed to be bored and annoyed that he had to be there.

Second, when the Iraqi team passed by, Bush clapped politely and smirked. The smirk was very clear. Upon seeing the Iraqi delegation, I would think that the American president who “liberated” Iraq would have gotten on his feet and clapped his heart out. Bush should have at least acted like he was proud to see the Iraqis there, but being the arrogant fuck that he is, he just clapped politely.

Even if McCain wins, it will be good to have an American president who is not GW Bush in office.


2 responses to “Bush in China

  1. Another great post! Perhaps, I may have worded it a bit differently…but your intent is clear…and I totally agree.


  2. Thanks, Michelle.

    There is something about Bush that makes me want to scream obscenities at the TV until January, 2009.

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