South Ossetia

Am I the only one who feels like an ass for being unaware of the existence of South Ossetia and the fact that Russia and Georgia seem to disagree about it?


2 responses to “South Ossetia

  1. I left a response on one of your other posts. I mentioned to you that I spent almost 30 years in ministry as a Humanitarian Aid Relief Coordinator….most all my career was spent outside the USA.

    The nation of Georgia is one of the places I spent some time from Aug 1997-March1998. It does not surprise me that most Americans don’t know a thing about that nation, history or people. Don’t feel badly about not knowing about it…most don’t.

    I wish I knew why so many here don’t know much about what takes place beyond our borders. I do NOT think this is intentional. Yet, as one that’s worked within numerous nations across four continents…I, too, wouldn’t have known much if I hadn’t had the amazing opportunities to do the work I’ve done.

    Kindest Regards,


  2. Thanks for your insight, Michelle.

    You know, for me, it’s funny about the Georgia thing. When I was an undergrad in the 80s, I studied international relations. I learned all about the USSR, but they taught us nothing about its republics beyond Russia or maybe, the Ukraine.

    When the Soviet Union fell, I never took the time to learn as much as I should have of the former USSR states.

    I think most Americans over 30 have the same history in their minds, so perhaps we can be forgiven for our ignorance about that part of the world?

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