Has the McCain Campaign Lost It?

Er, I think their message is don’t vote for Obama because he’s popular and because young people like him and eat at Taco Bell when it’s raining and Obama is in town.

Also, they seem to like to lie about Obama while attacking him.

Poor John McCain.

If people liked him, he wouldn’t be so desperate.


2 responses to “Has the McCain Campaign Lost It?

  1. I am utterly puzzled over this line of attack.

  2. This is just sort of sad to see. It kind of reminds me of the ’92 election when Bush I referred to Clinton and Gore as bozos:

    You sort of sit back and think, “I used to at least harbor some respect for you. But you know, I’m really starting not to like you. And there’s not a chance I’d vote for you. But even I thought you were better than this shit.”

    Really contemptible.

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