Conservative Gear

When I read this story, about the assasination of Arkansas Democratic Party Chair Bill Gwatney by Timothy Dale Johnson, I was reminded of the recent shooting in a Unitarian Univeralist Church in Tennessee where the shooter attacked the church because he hated liberals. Both are tragic stories, and though we don’t yet know the motive of the Arkansas gunman, it seems likely that he shot Gwantey out of some kind of hatred for liberals or Democrats.

That reminded me of this shirt:

Which caused me to take a look at other right-wing t-shirts and gear. Some of it is funny in a stupid kind of a way, but others are pretty bad. Let’s take a look.

I’m confused. I thought Hal Lindsey told us that Obama isn’t the Anti-Christ. I guess we should just think about whether or not he is.

A nice derivation of the Obama/Osama thing. Creative!

Nothing turns on a guy more than a girl wearing a thong encouraging her suitor to beat up Democrats. The fact that the thong is made in the USA is even more of a turn-on!

What a clever way to condemn Democrats while displaying your homophobia for all to see! Classy!

No comment.

I don’t even know what that phrase means, but being the elitist-arugula-eater that I am, I’m more appalled by the misplaced apostrophe than whatever they might be trying to say on the shirt.

All of the gear reminds me of this guy:


One response to “Conservative Gear

  1. This is something that contributes to the anarchy and violence that ever so targets our future hopefuls. Though some may deserve this type of twisted treatment, it seems to affect everyone…even the nondeserving.

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