The Clinton Convention? BS.

Geez, Dick Morris is an asshole:

Hillary and Bill have hijacked the Denver convention, making it into a carbon copy of what it would have looked like had she won until the last possible moment. By the time Obama gets up to speak and put his stamp on the convention, Hillary will have had one prime time night all to herself. Bill will have pre-empted a second night. Hillary will have had all the nominating and seconding speeches she wants. And the roll call of the states would record, in graphic detail, how the voters of state after state rejected Obama’s candidacy in the primaries. Only then, after three and a half days of all Clinton all the time will the convention then, finally, turn to its nominee and allow him to have an hour in the sun!

Dick, have you ever been right about anything?

The Clintons will have a prominent role at the DNC. As an Obama supporter who lives in the real world, I’m OK with it. Hillary deserves her own night simply because she almost beat Obama. Let her supporters enjoy her while she sings the praises of Barack Obama. Her speech will help the Democratic nominee.

Bill also deserves a prominent speaking role as the most successful and popular Democratic president since JFK. It makes sense, and I believe it’s tradition to let ex-presidents to speak at conventions.

On the roll call vote, who cares? I think the superdelegates will go for Obama in large numbers to give the appearance that the primary race was not as close as it really was. The Clinton people have asked for the roll call vote and they deserve it. It’s OK.


This Clintonian tour de force raises a key question about Barack Obama: Is he strong enough to be president or can he be pushed around? His failure to stand up to the Clintons makes one wonder how effective he will be against bin Laden, Iran, Chavez, or Putin.

Well, Obama is using strategy and diplomacy to deal with the Clintons. I think it would be great for our next president to use strategy and diplomacy as tools to deal with the rest of the world.


3 responses to “The Clinton Convention? BS.

  1. In the past week Obama has shown just what he is, ill-equipped to be the President of the United States and Commander-in-Chief of the military. After Russia invaded Georgia Obama came out with his first staement,”both side need to show restraint.” As if both sides were at fault, maybe he thought Georgia invaded Russia? As a result, Obama has slipped in the polls. Hillary will use Obama’s response to the Russia-Georgia conflict to prove he is unfit for the Presidency. She will convince the delegates and superdelegates to vote for her. And yes, even the delegates can change their vote between now and the convention, according to democratic rule, they are not bound to the candidate that won the state they represent. Hillary will get the nomination from this

  2. dc, I appreciate that you believe in your candidate.

    Your delusions are just plain fun!

  3. Actually, neither Obama nor Clinton are my candidate. I’m a die-hard conservative. I’m not even sure I trust McCain yet, I’m still considering writing in Fred Thompson. As far as my “delusions”, I would almost bet money on them

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