Larry Johnson on Clinton’s Speech


She is right about the issues. But we now know we cannot trust Obama on the issues. He has no core. He has no foundation. He has no fundamental principle. He is a man of convenience and opportunity. He is an ideological chameleon and will glom on to people he thinks can help him get ahead. This does not make him a bad person. He’s just a typical Chicago pol.

Uh, isn’t that what people have said about the Clintons since the early 90s? This Clinton adoration cracks me up. As if the Clintons were ever people of principle.

Remember, Hillary Clinton voted for the war and is still unrepentant. Bill Clinton gave us DOMA, “welfare reform,” and NAFTA, among many other policy atrocities.

Sorry. I should be gracious about Clinton’s speech tonight, but these PUMA types drive me nuts.

2 responses to “Larry Johnson on Clinton’s Speech

  1. Don’t discount the PUMAs, they are a real threat and they are quite willing to compromise on their beliefs to punish the DNC for their perceived injustices.

    How does voting for someone who will work to overturn Roe vs. Wade (remember there are SCOTUS openings coming up) and recently voiced opposition to a bill that would have required equal work for equal pay, make sense? I can’t begin to understand the minds of these people.

    Judging from the speech, Hillary’s not interested in helping Obama win not after she spent the last couple months of her campaign poisoning the well to assure Obama’s defeat. If found it lacking in the put your bitterness aside and defeat McCain aspect.

  2. You really think there are that many of them? People who are so irrational that they will put aside their core beliefs because they’re mad at Obama because Chris Matthews said something mean about Hillary? Or something?

    I think most of those who were wavering before the convention are in the process of coming around, and if they’re not, they’re either nuts or were never Democrats in the first place.

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