Sarah Palin shows off her unfortunately decorated Anchorage office.

I’m not really sure that I “get” this one.

Upon hearing McCain’s VP choice, my initial response was to laugh out loud. After all, Sarah Palin has been governor of one of the nation’s least populated states for only a couple of years. Before that she served on a town council and was also the mayor of Wasilla, AK. Or something.  I only knew of her because some PUMA person has come to this site a time or two to boost McCain/Palin.

It’s an odd choice, considering that Palin is the target of an ethics investigation in Alaska and the fact that McCain’s choice of Palin takes McCain’s experience argument off the table. McCain is 72 years old and has had cancer four times. For that reason, it was imperative for McCain to choose someone who is ready to be president. I’m not sure that Palin is ready. But, she likes to kill caribou and knows how to gut salmon, so she must be an excellent pick.

But, the choice will help motivate the GOP base to vote for batshit crazy Palin, even if they can’t stand McCain. Maybe McCain just wanted to shore up his base with this pick to ensure that the GOP fundies show up en masse to vote for McCain/Palin.

It seems like a bizarre choice to me, but as a Democrat, I like McCain’s pick.

And am I the only one who thinks that Palin is really Tina Fey playing a character?


4 responses to “WTF?

  1. Thank goodness that good taste is not a requirement for the position 🙂

  2. The real issue here, and one that is alluded to in a post to the north of this one, is the McCain camps apparent failure to properly – or even half-heartedly – vet Sarah Palin. If he had, he may have found out about some of these things. And he may have caught the Larry Kudlow interview where when asked if she wanted to be vice-president, she replied that she couldn’t answer the question until someone told her what it was the vice-president did. This was on/around August 1, a mere three weeks before her selection. Or, he might have caught the interview in early 2007 where when asked about her support or lack of same for the surge, she said that she had heard about it on the news (the news!!!!) and elaborated no further except to pay some lip-service to the sacrifices of the troops.

    For MCain, a 72-year old cancer survivor, the import of this decision cannot be overstated. Instead of picking one of the many qualified candidates he had before him, he inexplicably chose the 22-month Governor of Alaska. Who lies on the stump. Who is under investigation for pressuring a subordinate to terminate her state-trooper former brother-in-law, only to fire said subordinate when he failed to do so. Who as Mayor of the metropolis of Wasilla, Alaska fired two subordinates (one being the Chief of Police) because they had not supported her election bid.

    Actually, now it’s all becoming clear. If you’ve liked Bush/Cheney, you’re going to love Sarah Palin. And we all know John McCain’s affinity for George Bush.

  3. Amusing anecdote, perhaps indicative of nothing.

    I have an elderly neighbor who was a *huge* Hillary Clinton supporter, and was wholly on board with McCain UNTIL the Palin pick.

    I just spoke with her and expressed my surprise when she told me why. I naturally assumed she had come to her senses and realized that such things as judicial nominations, reproductive rights, universal health care and foreign policy were important no matter who the Democratic nominee was.

    But, no. Her response: “I’ll be god-damned if that Palin woman is Vice-President or President before Hillary.” And then, not being particularly adroit with the internet, she asked me to sign her up so she could get emails from the Obama campaign.

    It’s just not something I’d thought of. Could some of these ardent Hillary supporters – and maybe Senator Clinton herself – be re-energized because Sarah Palin comes off to them as a usurper?

  4. Is it that she’s an usurper, or is that she’s a terrifying choice for VP for a 72 year-old man who has had cancer at least twice. McCain could die while in office, and it’s supposed to be reassuring that she could become president?

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