Sarah Palin’s Pregancy Decision Map


28 responses to “Sarah Palin’s Pregancy Decision Map

  1. While this seems to be fishy at the moment, I would have to see what Palin’s explanation is. I’ve seen some crackpot theories that Palin’s youngest is actually her daughter’s.

  2. Is there nothing too low for liberals and Democrats? I mean you ignore Obama’s convicted killer/traitor friends. You pretend this clown knows ANYTHING about what it takes to be president, his wife’s anti-American blathering and now you think the birth of a Down’s baby has implications for the Vice Presidency? Where did you go to school? Mary Jane High?

  3. JLF, your phony outrage is noted.

    Uh, I didn’t even suggest that that giving birth to a Down’s child has any implications for the vice presidency. The diagram points out that there may be flaws in her decision-making process.

    So what does it take to be president? Being an effective leader isn’t part of it? Understanding the constitution plays no role?

    To you, are the only qualifications that matter for the presidency is that a candidate was either a) a POW and Washington insider or b) a caribou hunter?

    Michelle has blathered anti-Americanly? Please tell and link. Are you referring to the nonexistent “whitey” tape? I can’t wait to hear what you might have to say on that issue.

    And who, pray tell are Obama’s convicted killer/traitor friends? Ayers? Ayers was never convicted of anything and was more of an acquaintance of Obama’s than a friend.

    If any of his friends were convicted of being traitors, they would probably be dead by now, much like the Rosenbergs.

    Where I went to school is irrelevant, but it’s clear that you went to Limbaugh/Hannity U.

  4. Oooh, roasted troll! I like :-).

    — Badtux the “I’ll provide the marshmallows!” Penguin

  5. This is hysterical. Classic. Flawless.

  6. I hope you don’t mind… but I am going to use this my readers will love it

    **Paula, I’m honored an humbled by your linking here. It’s greatly appreciated, and I’m enjoying the traffic.

    Thank you!


  7. McCain and Palin must scare the crap out of you people and rightly so. Otherwise, why the trashing Palin’s 16 year old over at Kos? That is still the lowest of the low. Bottom feeding at KOS is SOP but on a 16 year old?

    The Weathermen/Ayers connection has been swept under the rug by the MSM who are in the tank for Mr. Potato Head. Bombings and “We didn’t blow enough up…” got lost in translation at the nightly news. But only a lefty lunatic would chose to ignore the traitorous rantings of Momma Obama’s best buds. And those ..what do you call those other people?. Oh yeah, “Chrisitans” at that whacko church where Potato Head got his “Church learning…”.

  8. up and duly linked to your site.. thanks

  9. Well she sure follows in the mold of Dr. Evil Cheney as VP.

    This nutjob wansn’t pregnant. they went to great lengths to hide the “delivery” since it was her daughter who gave birth. And she is the best they could find?

  10. JLF is a racist and a bigot. It is people like you that allowed Bush to happen. I have been waiting for 8 years so I may be treated like a person and I am going to allow a selfdescribed hockey mom from Alaska, who ideas of economic growth is Walmart keep my rights away from me. Nor will I allow a washed up senator from AZ, who changed his opinions on many issues just to get the nomination into the White House. WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!! THE GOP ARE A BUNCH OF SLAVE DRIVERS!

  11. CNN just ran a breaking new story that the 17-year-old daughter of Sarah Palin is currently pregnant, keeping the baby and marrying the father.

    ** This is all so strange. I’m very confused about the Palin family.


  12. “you people”

    Hrumphf…’nuff said.

  13. McCain / Pandering '08

    Aparently the CNN story was released by a McCain aide to rebut the internet gossip that Palin’s daughter actually gave birth to their 4 month old baby. The aide reports that the 17 year old is now 5 months pregnant. Can anyone verify the truth of that statement? Lot’s of women get pregnant again shortly after giving birth. Not sure this admission settles it.

  14. Racist bigot? Please show me where I said anything racist or bigotted. I didn’t. Are we at a point int his country where we can criticize candidates without refering to race or gender? Not according to leftists and Democrats if you read what some say. I think most everyone else thinks so. I think so. But if some of you have to stand on the real issues you suddenly find yourself on unsupportable ground so you have to bring out “racist-bigot” crap.

  15. At best… with her daughter pregnant and the decision making skill Governor Palin has shown me… that she she can’t look out for her own kids very well and is not someone I want one heartbeat away from a 73 year old president.

  16. That is the most absurd argument any adult can make. Or are you an adult?

  17. JLFuller = troll

    Don’t feed the trolls.

    Oh, and JFloser, please read my previous comment. Using terms such as “You people…” are indicative of bigots.

    BTW – It’s RNC doing a Google bomb on the pregnancy thing. Boing Boing and Dvorak (via IP) has already uncovered this plot. I’m not sure what the purpose of spreading this rumor. Make McCain change his running mate? Blame the rumor on the DNC? Or plain stupidity? I’m not sure. Regardless, it’s non-news.

  18. my comment is going to be on point about this particular post and not segue into conservative/liberal lies and politics.

    all i wanna say is . . . .

    this chart is hiLARious!!

    **Thanks abbagirl! I wish I could take credit for it, but it cracks the hell out of me, as well.

  19. KOS did the big hit on Palin first.

    **JLF, if you read Kos regularly, you’d understand how the site works and that Kos wasn’t the one who wrote about the “Palin’s baby is really her daughter’s” thing.

    A diarist at Kos put up that story, and it had so many comments because 90% of the commenters Were telling the diarist to delete the diary.


  20. I’m not sure that Dvorak’s links are really proof of a Goggle bomb. If it is, then McCain’s campaign of accusing the liberal bloggers of making it more than what it should be makes me suspicious.

    I don’t see how Obama can control the liberal bloggers any more than McCain can control the conservative bloggers. When McCain gets all of the blogs referring to Obama as the anti-christ and a Muslim to go away, I will have put more weight into McCain’s complaint.

    Personally, the fact that Palin’s daughter is pregnant has no bearing on this campaign nor of her parenting skills. If there is anything to note is that abstinence only education is not the magic bullet to preventing teen pregnancies. It needs to be couple with education on how one should protect themselves, a fact that the right does not want to concede because pregnancies and STDs are deterrents and punishments for having sex before marriage.

  21. I only read KOS when they have something someone else says has merit or when it is so outragous that I have to read it for myself as was this case. Otherwise I read a balanced diet of conservatives (Krauthammer & Geo. Will), moderates (Broder & Friedman) and some liberals (Susan Estridge and Bill Press). KOS is usually so filled with poison and garbage that I avoid it and Huffington like the plague. I even listen to Limbaugh and Hannity on occassion but the KOS is just too hateful to even consider.

  22. I don’t read neo-Nazi, KKK, radical Muslim or most Evangelical trash either. I put Obama’s South Chicago church buds in that mix as well as Louis Farrakhan and Jesse Jackson.

  23. Oh, and if someone is wondering why I refer to Obama as Mr. Potato Head just look at his near hairless head and how his ears stick out. He looks like a spud to me. Paint his nose yellow, give him a red mouth and green ears and voila- a 12 ounce Idaho baker!

  24. Great stuff. It sort of does make you wonder, doesn’t it?

  25. I think it is sad that a 17 year old is doomed by having to get married so young….

  26. Part of me would be quite surprised if young Ms. Palin was married before the election.

    Sort of the Charlie Crist approach – hey!!! Look at me!!! I’m engaged!! I’m going to let people think I’m getting married until it’s no longer politically opportune to do so!!!

  27. GB, Ha!

    Someone needs to keep a Crist “marriage watch” tally.

    And I agree, if McCain loses, poor Bristol will be a single mom.

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