Palin’s Speech? Meh.

Well, after Guiliani’s diatribe, hearing Palin was something of a treat. Rudy’s distortions and negativity were a little bit much.

But after hearing Palin give her speech to Republican-Americans, my reaction is a huge: MEH.

I wanted her to be delightfully awful. I also feared that she might be a fierce speaker. She was just meh. She didn’t say much, she wasn’t all that interesting, but she wasn’t horrible.

I felt sorry for Bristol all night. Poor kid. She didn’t ask for this.And she looked like she wanted to cry when Giuliani was said something about sexism and a mother of young children running for vice president.

And is it a good idea to send Track Palin to Iraq at this point? I can’t help but to think that there will be a target on the poor kid’s head once he’s there.

But overall, meh.


2 responses to “Palin’s Speech? Meh.

  1. The one thing of utmost importance to me is whether or not she intends to continue pouring billions of dollars into the war machine for Iraq. She made it clear, she’s committed to prolong this senseless warfare, which I see as a continuation of the Bush errors. Pretty face; lots of spunk, but in the end — to borrow an expression from Texas – – big hat, no cattle.

  2. I thought she was slightly better than your reaction. She did exactly what they needed her to do – she rallied and excited the base. But, as far as appealing to independents, I think she would have failed miserably on that point.

    Christian Liberal is dead on. Further, Sarah Palin is emblematic of everything that is wrong with today’s Republican party – intellectually incurious, committed to the idea of spreading American ideals and democracy with the threat of open warfare, small-minded, and desirous of governing based on her own theology.

    In other words, she’s George Bush with long hair.

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