From Hawaii Governor Linda Lingle:

The other side has made the point that Alaska is a small state, but… you can fit more than 250 states the size of Delaware within Alaska’s border.

I’ve seen this same line of argument on Red State: Palin is qualified because she is the governor of the largest state in the union, even if that state has a population smaller than Indianapolis, IN.

So to the GOP, the geographic size of a state is more important than the quantity of citizen living in that state?

3 responses to “PalinDefense!

  1. Actually, I did some math the other day as this was starting to grow out of control, and the reality of the matter is Alaska is not the largest state if you consider what it is they are crediting her with: management.

    The truth is only ~25% of Alaska is managed by the state and Governor, the remainder of the state is managed by the BLM, USFS, National Park Service, some Private lands, Fish & Game, Native Peoples, etc. Whereas Texas is 87% privately held, ie not by the above, making it “larger” than Alaska.

    Isn’t this what they are trying to say, “Palin manages the largest area?” Once again another lie and/or completely disingenuous statement!

  2. I did the math over on my own blog, and found that the Mayor of the City of San Jose not only presides over more people than the Mayor of Alaska, err, make that “governor”, but also runs a tighter more efficient ship to do so. He has 1/3rd the employees per capita of the State of Alaska, and 1/4th the budget to handle 1/3rd more people compared to the tax-and-spend governor of Alaska.

    – Badtux the Numbers Penguin

  3. Sarah Palin asks, “Who is the real Barak Obama?” I know she is a newcomer to the presidential campaign, but sheesh, you think she would know by now that Barak Obama is John McCain’s opponent for the 2008 presidential election.

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