Reaction to McCain Speech

Was I the only one who couldn’t sit through it?

I was in pain while he was talking.


4 responses to “Reaction to McCain Speech

  1. I couldn’t even watch it. I got a brief glimpse of the biographical video and decided to flip to Bravo. Ahhhh, a McCain-less evening! Thank god the conventions are over!

  2. It was….underwhelming. And if I were on the other side, I’d be thankful for the lead-in from the football game!!!

    And who the hell brought the green background back?!?!?!

  3. Laura, yeah, thank God they’re over. I’ve felt like I had a second job for the last couple of weeks. Why the silly compulsion?

  4. GB, ha! The green background was funny…I got a bunch of hits today on a blog post from several months ago abut the green background. This time, the source of it was really funny:

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