Daily Palin

Sarah Palin’s parents watching their daughter from their home in Wasilla, Alaska.

For a change of pace on the Daily Palin, I thought it might be worthwhile to hear from the citizens of Alaska writing about their favorite daughter.

From the Letters to the Editor section of the Anchorage Daily News:

Palin’s pro-life? Maybe her own

Parade and humiliate your 17-year-old daughter in front of the world, now that’s love! Hide a pregnancy for seven months and then risk the life of that special needs baby at 36 weeks gestation because it’s not politically convenient to be in labor, now that’s love!

Our governor may be “pro-life” but I’m afraid she means her own.

I know we’re not allowed to say that about Palin, so it’s nice that an Alaskan is bringing up Palin’s apparent selfishness.

Leadership ability is overrated

If Sarah Palin is such a great leader, such a great governor, then why do many of the communities in her own state live by third world conditions? Why do many communities lack running water? Why do many communities have to transport their sewage to a tundra pond in a five-gallon bucket for disposal? Why are “landfills” in many of these communities just places on the ground where people throw their trash? Why does gasoline cost $6.25 in many communities? How can she lead a nation, when she cannot even provide aid to the communities under her governorship? Go out to the rural villages and look at their sewage treatment and collections systems. Go out and drink the water. You will see that her leadership has not helped those that need it most.

To be fair, since Palin has been in office for only two years, it wouldn’t be possible for Palin to raise the living standards of all Alaskans in such a short period of time. But, I wonder if she has any plans to improve the lives of poor Alaskan communities and families.

I’m guessing she doesn’t.

Palin is not ready for this office

John McCain is pandering. He has insulted every hard working politically active (Republican) woman in this country, except for one. He has insulted the second highest office in the country and the world. He has threatened the office of the president of the United States.

Sarah may develop into a woman capable of taking the second highest office in the land, but neither John McCain nor the rest of us know of anything in her background or her limited political and governmental experience that comes near being ready for this office.

That’s just it, I think. Palin very well may evolve into a great leader one day, and very well may become president. But how is it respsonsible for a 72 year-old candidate (who the actuarial tables say has a 15% chance of dying in the next four years) who has cancer four times to nominate a person with unknown leadership abilities, who said she hadn’t thought about the Iraq war, except that it’s God’s mission?

Politics is McCain’s main objective

Wow, 18 months in office, and only one abuse of power scandal. Palin is set to be a Republican vice president. McCain’s choice says a lot.

Palin follows the Republican form of firing any public servant who values the integrity of his work over loyalty to his boss. Palin fired public safety commissioner and former Police Chief Walt Monegan.

McCain recklessly chose someone he hadn’t vetted. He hopes to take back evangelicals from Obama and that Hillary supporters will vote for anyone female.

It’s not Palin’s fault. But it displays rash decision-making and cynical pandering.

Obama treats us like adults. America hasn’t seen that in a long time.

Meanwhile, McCain’s choice has made it clear: he puts politics first and country second.

Bingo! McCain was never much of a culture warrior, but his choice of Palin seems to point out that he thinks the only way he can win is ot pander to the fundie GOP base and create silly resentments.

We need to keep Palin in Alaska

I just don’t understand all the hoopla about a candidate’s experience or lack of experience. Common sense and good judgment are much more important to me. Frank Murkowski had years of Senate experience, but he was a disaster as a governor.

Obama and Palin may be a little short on experience, but they have the judgment and common sense to seek advice from those who do have the experience. Obama demonstrated that with his choice of Biden as a running mate.

I will probably go with the Obama/Biden ticket because we need Sarah here.

I love the understated reasoning here. Obama demonstrated judgment and common sense with his choice of Biden, so what did McCain demonstrate with his Palin pick?

Great letters from Alaskans. I’ll be checking in with them regularly to see what those who know Palin the best are saying about her.


2 responses to “Daily Palin

  1. keep up the good work and investagting – someone has too

  2. mom That was amazing---I wish the big time media would pick

    Thanks for the great article—i feel like we are living thru a Fellini type of movie-without the costumes—-

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