NFL Picks – Week 1

Why the hell not?

Thinking about Palin, Obama, Bush, McCain, and Republicans has my head hurting, so why not make some NFL picks?

I’m just a casual fan, and the only team I usually follow is the Colts, but I won’t let my lack of expertise keep my from making my own picks. They can’t be worse than those of many experts.

Seattle at Buffalo: Seahawks win.

Isn’t Jim Zorn doing something somewhere these days? I haven’t known how to read Seattle since they moved to the NFC.

Tampa Bay at New Orleans: Saints win.

New Orleans deserves to win after most of their fans were evacuated last week.

New York Jets at Miami: Jets win.

Brett Favre should have retired and been forever a Packer. But sadly, Miami is so bad that Favre and the Jets should win easily.

Jacksonville at Tennessee: Jaguars win.

The Jags are a great team. It’s just sad for them that they play in the AFC South, so they have to face the Colts twice a year.

Detroit at Atlanta: Lions win.

Becuase I am still pissed at Michael Vick.

Houston at Pittsburgh: Steelers win.

I’ve enjoyed my time in Pittsburgh much more than my time in Houston.

Kansas City at New England: Patriots win.

The evil Patriots always win. Unless they choke.

Cincinnati at Baltimore: Ravens win.

Didn’t the Ravens have a great defense a couple of years ago? Or somehing?

St. Louis at Philadelphia: Eagles win.

The Eagles are good, and I don’t like driving in and around St. Louis.

Arizona at San Francisco: 49ers win.

How many games have the Cardinals won since they moved to Arizona? 2? 12?

Carolina at San Diego: Chargers win.

The Chargers practice in a climate that is far more comfortable than that of the Panthers.

Dallas at Cleveland: Browns win.

I hate the Cowboys and feel an affinity for Cleveland and all of its joblessness and its immigrant community.

Chicago at Indianapolis: Colts

Because the Colts should win their first game in their new stadium. And I just want to Colts to win.

Minnesota at Green Bay: Packers win.

If the Packers win a lot this year, Favre will be really pissed, and that might be fun to watch. And the Packers are damn good.

Denver at Oakland: Broncos

Denver is a consistently good team, while Oakland is consistently bad. When was the last time a Raiders’ fan scared anyone?

Those are my picks for week one. I have a feeling that they won’t be too different from the predictions of the NFL experts.

3 responses to “NFL Picks – Week 1

  1. I agree with most of these – even Colts/Bears, which saddens me since I am a Bears fan. I thought maybe we’d have a chance when it appeared Peyton may not be playing, but he seems probable. And the Colts will be pumped up in the new stadium. Oh yeah – and we’re not very good. I think you’ve got us on this one.

  2. GB, congrats to your Bears! They kicked our asses.

    This might end up being a terrible season for Colts fans (as we were used to until the earlier part of this decade), new stadium and all.

    Best of luck to the Bears!

  3. That was certainly a surprise. Great game, though Peyton sure didn’t look like himself. Once he gets back to 100%, I’m sure you all will be right back to the top. Joseph Addai is such a good, young talent, and Marvin Harrison is still a go-to receiver.

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