9/11 Anniversary

Ugh. I hate this day.

I avoid reading media coverage of September 11 memorial events. They depress me.

When I was asked by my mother about my 9/11 avoidance, I told her that beyond 9/11 being a terrible time for our country, I avoid the day because it’s way too political.

She was baffled that her hyper-political son felt that way.

I explained that I hate how the event was used as an excuse to invade Iraq and may well be used as an excuse to invade Iran, or maybe to attack Russia.

I do think that things changed on September 11, 2001. It was a terrible day that horrified every American and responsible citizen of the world. But I worry that 9/11 made us stupid.

Invade Afghanistan?

Makes sense. The Taliban harbored Al Qaida.

Invade Iraq?

Why not? Sadaam was a bad guy. We don’t care if he had anything to do with Al Qaida or not. He was bad.

Invade Iran?

Sure. Their head of state is an asshole.

Attack Russia?

We’re all Georgians now.

I worry that the real damage 9/11 did to our country was that it inhibited critical thinking.

So let’s wave the flag. And while we do that, let’s think about how stupid we have become since a bunch of assholes tried to make us more weak and silly.

I worry that they may have succeeded in their goals.


One response to “9/11 Anniversary

  1. I wholeheartedly agree. The “commemorations”‘ have an air of exploitation to them that makes me quite uncomfortable.

    I had two friends who died at the World Trade Center, and the father of a dear friend lost his life at the Pentagon. And it’s disgusting to me that the legacy of that day is, most regrettably, the items you articulate above. As well as a diminution in civil rights, the rise of fear-based politics, the establishment of a permanent war state, the idiocy of the war on “evil” that John McCain is so eager to wage, and the entrenchment of a monarchical executive.

    Somewhere, since George Bush has opted to let him off the hook, bin Laden is laughing his ass off.

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