NFL Picks – Week 2

Last week’s record – 9-6

Record for season 9-6

% accuracy: 60

I’m basing this week’s picks on which cities I prefer.

Chicago at Carolina: Easy. Bears win. Chicago is one of the greatest American cities.

Bears win.

Tennessee at Cincinnati: I don’t like driving in Cincinnati.

Titans win.

Green Bay at Detroit: Tough one. I have never been to Green Bay, and I loathe Detroit. I’m picking the Packers because I like the idea of a publicly owned team.

Packers win.

Buffalo at Jacksonville: I respect Buffalo’s blue-collar work ethic.

Bills win.

Oakland at Kansas City: I don’t care.

Chiefs win.

Indianapolis at Minnesota: I have to go with the Colts. Minneapolis may be nice, but the Colts must win.

Colts win.

NY Giants at St. Louis: Have you ever spent a night in St. Louis? I did and it was terrible. And I enjoy being in New York.

Giants win.

New Orleans at Washington: Washington is a cesspool, but it’s the cesspool of OUR leaders.

Redskins win.

San Francisco at Seattle: Tough one. These are two of the most beautiful American cities. But I think San Francisco is more beautiful than Seattle.

49ers win.

Atlanta at Tampa Bay: Atlanta has the Coke museum.

Bucs win.

Miami at Arizona: My dad and stepmother live in Arizona.

Cardinals win.

San Diego at Denver: I love both cities, but San Diego has the beach and proximity to Mexico going for it.

Chargers win.

New England at New York Jets: New York is my preferred city, but I would be stupid to bet against the Pats, even if Brady is out for the season.

Patriots win.

Pittsburgh at Cleveland: Where is Sipe when you need him? Cleveland rocks!

Browns win.

Philadelphia at Dallas: I don’t care for Dallas, but I am giving the Cowboys a pass because of Ike.

Cowboys win.

Baltimore at Houston: Will this game be played? Probably not. But if it is, I like soft-shell crabs more than I like whatever Houston has to eat.

Ravens win.

I’m liking this method of picking NFL winners.

3 responses to “NFL Picks – Week 2

  1. I don’t know if this method would be better but it certainly is more entertaining. 🙂

  2. Funny thing is – I follow pro football rather closely, and there are only one or two games that I would differ on!!!!

  3. It’s funny. I think these picks were more accurate than when I gave football some actual thought. Future ways of picking may include things like: “If Sarah Palin Made NFL Picks” or “How Teddy Roosevelt Might See This Week’s NFL Games.” There are a lot of possibilities here.

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