Maureen Dowd on Palin


The really scary part of the Palin interview was how much she seemed like W. in 2000, and not just the way she pronounced nu-cue-lar. She had the same flimsy but tenacious adeptness at saying nothing, the same generalities and platitudes, the same restrained resentment at being pressed to be specific, as though specific is the province of silly eggheads, not people who clear brush at the ranch or shoot moose on the tundra.

Palin is like GW Bush, but without the depth.


2 responses to “Maureen Dowd on Palin

  1. In her convention speech, the word “nuclear” was entered into the teleprompter as “new-clear” so that she wouldn’t mispronounce it as she and W do.

    She’s really a fucking idiot.

  2. Heh. I was wondering if she was coached to mispronounce “nuclear” so that the Bush-loving GOP base would be better able to relate to her.

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