Might Obama Win Indiana? It’s Possible


Indianapolis – It’s been a long time since Indiana was at play during a presidential election but the latest Indianapolis Star-WTHR poll is showing just that.

The presidential race numbers indicate a real race shaping up in Indiana: 44 percent of likely voters polled support Republican John McCain, 47 percent support Barack Obama with 6 percent not sure.

Obama’s support comes mainly in metro areas from women, the young and minorities.

I doubt Obama will win Indiana. No Democratic presidential has won the state since Johnson beat Goldwater in 1964. This Indy Star/WTHR poll has Obama ahead by three points in the state.

Obama up by three.

In the words of Indiana’s GOP chair:

“I don’t know that it is. In the end it’s competency. It’s policy,” said Murray Clark, State GOP chairman.

Indeed. Murray, in the end it certainly is about competency and policy. Barack Obama has the right policies to help Hoosier families and has demonstrated his competency through the way he has run his campaign.

I need to get to work to help Obama carry Indiana.

iSi, se puede!

5 responses to “Might Obama Win Indiana? It’s Possible

  1. I don’t put too much stock in polls because they are statistics and statistics is something that can be manipulated to show what you want. I have to wonder if they might have put too much emphasis on Marion and Lake counties inadvertently.

  2. Terrant-

    The poll seems a bit strange to me as well.

    I imagine they weighed Lake and Marion counties more heavily than they normally would, as they expect a larger than normal African-American turnout in those counties.

    But I don’t know.

    I think McCain will probably win Indiana pretty handily, but it’s nice to see that Obama may have a chance to win here.

  3. We’re seeing some good poll numbers here in Virginia, knock on wood. At the least, I think Obama’s support in Virginia will force McCain to spend money here that would normally be allocated to a typical battleground state.

    Still, I think Obama’s support among African Americans and the support he can expect to garner in the DC suburbs could hand Virginia to him. And being in Richmond, I see Obama signs everywhere I go – not so much with McCain.

    Just an aside, I have an Obama sign in my front yard. I was out washing my car on my driveway yesterday, and I had four people whom I didn’t know drive by and honk their horns and give a thumbs-up or yell “Go Obama” to me!!!

  4. The enthusiasm for Obama is like nothing I’ve seen before, so I’m not surprised by the reaction you got to your yard sign.

    I’m quite hopeful that VA turns blue this year, mostly, as you stated due to the large AA population in the DC suburbs.

    Is Richmond a Democratic city? I would imagine it is, but I’ve not spent much time there.

  5. Richmond has typically been a GOP stronghold. But lately, I get the sense it has been turning some.

    First, you have always had a large African American population. As more African Americans have gotten elected, they have taken much of the African American community along with them and we’ve seen a real rise in activism and involvement.

    Second, the rapid growth of Virginia Commonwealth University has brought many Democratic-leaning people to the area.

    Third, Richmond went on kind of a growth spurt the last ten years (largely thanks to the efforts of former Governor Mark Warner, who was instrumental in bringing new business to the area) which has resulted in an influx of what lifelong Richmonders consider “outsiders” – but people who are probably independents, but have served to dilute the Republican influence.

    Fourth, we have a lot of Republicans who just can’t stand George Bush. I may have mentioned this here before, but it constantly shocked me in the Spring to go to Obama events and see friends there who were Republicans, checkbooks in hand.

    Richmond has traditionally been Republican territory, but I really feel that these factors are moving us back to the center.

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