Reaction to Bush’s Speech

First, he looked as if he had just re-read “My Pet Goat.”

Second, there’s definitely a problem with our leadership when the president tells us that if we don’t do what he tells us to do we will all lose our homes and stand in soup lines. It’s more fear-mongering.

Certainly, the economic situation is serious and action needs to be taken, but Bush just has no credibility when he tries to scare us. Again.


From a post by Andrew Leonard on Salon:

No matter how you feel about George Bush’s credibility, it is unnerving to watch the President of the United States stare his country in the eye and declare that “we are in the middle of a serious financial crisis” and “our economy is in serious danger.”

As a rule, Presidents in moments of national crisis aim to reassure a nervous populace. But on Wednesday night, Bush faced a unique challenge — convincing his country that the United States is in such dire straits that we have no choice but to expeditiously enact the Paulson plan to spend as much $700 billion “so banks and other financial institutions can avoid collapse.”

So — this was no time to channel the ghost of FDR and tell us that the only thing to fear is fear itself. Instead, we were told that we should be fearful, that the “situation is becoming more precarious by the day” and that “the market is not functioning properly, there is a widespread loss of confidence and major sectors of American industry are in danger of shutting down.”




3 responses to “Reaction to Bush’s Speech

  1. I managed to watch this spectacle. Now, I’ll be the first to acknowledge that in fighting back the urge to vomit and/or throw the television out the window, I might have missed something – but nowhere, absolutely nowhere, did Bush do anything but offer a high-school level explanation of the root causes of the crisis (all the while avoiding any culpability) and say that there was really no option but to pass his $700B proposal in its form as of last evening.

    This was a pathetic effort even for him. So, in the two major crises Bush has faced during his presidency he has:


  2. (sorry – hit a series of buttons accidentally which posted that early.)

    (1) Taken shelter in an elementary school (an elementary school, for god’s sake…) reading a children’s book and looking shell shocked for 17 minutes while New York burned.

    (2) Taken shelter in the White House and let ten days pass before addressing the nation he purports to lead in any significant way. Then, when he finally does, he looks like someone running from a burning building screaming “Save yourselves!!!!” at the top of their lungs.

    What a pathetic, pathetic display.

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