The Debate?


A Republican rebellion stalled government efforts Thursday to avoid economic meltdown, a chaotic turnaround that disrupted the choreography of an extraordinary White House meeting meant to show joint resolve from the president, the political parties and the presidential candidates. Instead, the summit broke up so bitterly that Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson got on one knee before Democratic leaders in a theatrical attempt to salvage talks.

After six days of bare-knuckled negotiations on the $700 billion financial industry bailout proposed by the Bush administration, with Wall Street tottering and presidential politics intruding six weeks before the election, there was far more confusion than clarity.

So no debate? What does Sarah think?

2 responses to “The Debate?

  1. Dude! The debate is on. But I won’t be drunk-texting you because I have to run a 5K tomorrow. Bad timing, that.

  2. Hey, Laura good luck on the 5K! Get your sleep!

    And then we can drunk text on Thursday during the most fun debate ever!

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