Debate Reaction

Interesting. I thought it was a good debate, and though I’m obviously biased, I think it was a win for Obama.

For the last several weeks, we’ve been reminded about the Carter/Reagan debate. Americans were unhappy with Carter’s performance as president, but they felt a little uneasy about a right-winger like Reagan in the Oval Office.

But the two debated and Reagan showed that he was not a drooling war-monger. Rather, he had a sunny disposition and seemed to know his facts reasonably well. They started to feel comfortable with the idea of Reagan as president.

Tonight, McCain got in his digs on Obama. He was a bit surly and arrogant, and MSNBC keeps reminding me that McCain never looked at Obama once.  I keep thinking of McCain’s reaction shots when he seemed to show contempt for Obama and comparing that to when, in one of the Gore/Bush debates, they kept showing Gore sighing in disgust whenever Bush said something stupid or inaccurate (which happened often). But in the end, Bush was perceived to be the winner because Gore showed contempt for Bush.

Obama, on the other hand, demonstrated that he understands the issues and that he has excersied good judgment on matters of policy. Also, hecame across as a genuinely nice guy.

The pundits say that Obama said agreed with McCain too often. I don’t think that’s a bad thing. They don’t disagree on everything and I think it was good for Obama to point that out, especially as voters are telling pollsters that they are sick of partisan BS.

A week from now, I think that consensus will be that Obama won easily, mostly because he showed that he is an informed and thoughtful guy that most Americants can imagine as president.


5 responses to “Debate Reaction

  1. GREAT POST, I really enjoyed it. Here’s my perspective on the issues and debate.

  2. Thanks, Pacer! I just read your post and enjoyed your thoughts on the debate and your blog.

    You’re now on my blogroll.

  3. I think Obama won in that he showed that he’s not a scary nigger, he’s calm, cool, collected, graceful. John McCain’s surrogates have spent the last couple of months painting Barack Hussein Obama as this fire-throwing black power revolutionary. Barack came off as a nice guy, one of the “good” helpful blacks rather than one of the “scary” ones. No McCain or Obama voters got convinced to switch sides last night, but some folks who were thinking about voting for McCain because of concern about electing a scary black person may have gotten reassured that hey, this Obama feller seems to be a nice guy, smart, articulate, not like one of those blacks, y’know, the drug dealin’ thug angry black revolutionary type like McCain’s surrogates have been depicting Obama as being…

    In other words, Obama ended up looking like Laurence Fishburne in “The Matrix”, not Louis Farrakhan. That’s a win, in my book.

    – Badtux the Magic Penguin

  4. Obama came across as pretty calm and collected. McCain came across as condescending and hyper-argumentative.

    The only thing I’d have liked to see Obama do: call McCain out on his “don’t understand” bullshit. I think he needed to confront it head-on and say something to the effect of “Look, in John McCain’s world, if you don’t agree with everything John McCain says, you don’t understand the issue. John McCain thinks that his is the only informed – and correct – way of thinking. He’s not a bipartisan maverick – he’s a party of one. He’s a pariah to his own party because he can’t compromise. He’s a pariah to Democrats because he can’t compromise. Remember that next time John McCain says something with which you don’t agree. It’s not a difference of opinion – it’s that you just don’t understand it. And he does.”

  5. GB, I wonder about that.

    Obama has to be very careful about the “angry black man” thing, so even though I would prefer that he call McCain out on his bullshit more often, it’s probably better political move for Obama to stay cool and ignore the BS.

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