Feeling Optimistic

For a couple of weeks, I’ve been finally starting to think that maybe we can pull this off and elect Barack Obama as our next president.

This piece by Justin Webb in the Times Online on the end of social conservativism in the US confirms the reasons for my optimism:

It doesn’t matter who wins! Seriously, guys, America is about to become, once again, the coolest place on Earth.

An era is ending. If you still think the US is home to all that is fatty and unwholesome and militaristic and cloth-eared and generally low-grade, and not much else, it may be time to give the Yanks another chance.

Politically, socially, culturally, America is – as we watch transfixed and, in spite of ourselves, impressed – being born again.

Suddenly we are reminded of why 55 million people have chosen to come to America in the roughly 400 years since that journey became possible. We are reminded of why Americans are so deeply, annoyingly, attached to their nation and their system. We are reminded of how vibrant that system can be.


America is imperfect. It has no divine right to be the world’s leading nation. And yet – in this glorious political year – something about it sings.And as the American Olympic team reminded us when we looked at it and wondered at its multicolour, multi-ethnic vibrancy (more than 30 members were born abroad) this nation is ours.

There is nothing wrong in wishing it well.


I’m starting to feel that the America that we and the rest of the world loves and admires is on its way back.

Now let’s get to work.

2 responses to “Feeling Optimistic

  1. I’m still pessimistic. The debate gave me some hope, but I have learned over the last eight years never to underestimate what these people are willing to do to stay in power. I’m worried about some type of October surprise…..

  2. GB, an October surprise concerns me a little, but I’m thinking that the McCain campaign is so incompetent that they would be able to turn the capture of Bin Laden into a liability for McCain.

    Also, I think the polls are showing that this election may not be close enough for the GOP to steal.

    But ugh. They seem capable of most anything.

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