Show Review: Silver Jews in Indianapolis

OK, I admit that I am very biased, but the Joos put on a hell of a show at Birdy’s in Indy last night.

I saw them a couple of years ago in Bloomington during their first tour, and it’s great to see that David has become a confident and self-assured performer. They rocked the house.

But more importantly, since David and Cassie are family members of mine, it was great to see that they both seem to be well and both seem to be legitimately happy. They’ve gone through hell, so I love that it appears that they are in a great place in their lives. They and the rest of the band were incredibly kind to their fans. David’s humility was moving.

And on a point of personal pride – I remember spending a few summers with David in Wooster, Ohio when we were kids. I always took my music to Wooster which was usually punk rock from the period – mostly California punk. Dead Kennedys, X, Black Flag and the like. At the time, I thought that he “didn’t get it.”

Got it, he did. At David’s wedding, and when I’ve met his friends and associates in the past, he always introduced me at “the guy who introduced me to punk.” People seem to like me for having done that work.

That’s a thing in my life that I am proud of.

There doesn’t appear to be a video from the Silver Jews show in Indy, so check out this one from their Bloomington, IN show two years ago:

It’s been evening all day long.


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