A Reason for Optimism


Powered chiefly by the public’s economic concerns, Obama leads John McCain by 10 points among likely voters, 53-43 percent, in this ABC News/Washington Post poll. Though every race is different, no presidential candidate has come back from an October deficit this large in pre-election polls dating to 1936.

Stats like these usually don’t mean all that much.  Something could happen. Obama could blunder at the debate on Wednesday (unlikely), there could be a terrorist attack before election day (improbable), or Americans will catch McCain fever (impossible).

But I’m feeling pretty damn confident that Barack Obama will be our next president.


6 responses to “A Reason for Optimism

  1. You libs and your polls. You think the sun rises and sets by them.

    Be ready for a big SURPRISE on Election Day!

  2. Do you mean that in a general way, or do you mean that there will be so much voter suppression and intimidation and Diebold antics with the voting machine counts that will cause a McCain win, even though he is not the candidate that most Americans prefer?

  3. Not at all.

    I mean that you love to rely on polls (when I’m sure you could not describe for me anything about the participants in the vote). And you like to justify your own beliefs based on those polls.

    And I am so abashed at the way you minions spin this whole issue away from the ACORN Voter Fraud that has actually been substantiated enough by the court systems in SEVERAL states to have yielded actual cases against ACORN. Read my blog. You will learn a lot about what most Americans prefer.


  4. The ACORN voter fraud is just one more diversion floated by the McCain campaign in an attempt to distract voters’ attention away from the fact that the policies advocated by Republicans over the last eight years have, well, nearly destroyed the global economy.

    Marie, try to stick with me here. Filling out a voter registration application with the name “Mickey Mouse” or “Tony Romo”(speaking of whom, I’ve missed the football picks the last few weeks!!!) or the offensive line of the Dallas Cowboys is not voter fraud. The technical term for it is a lame attempt at humor. Under most state statutes, voter fraud only occurs when the fake Tony Romo actually shows up at a polling place attempting to cast a vote in the name of Tony Romo. If putting down Tony Romo’s name as a joke on a voter registration application is voter fraud, then the next person who lists their name as “Mary Juana” on a petition is guilty of identity theft. Sheer nonsense.

    Further nonsense is your assertion that courts in any state have “substantiated” these lawsuits. Courts do no such thing. Anyone – lawyer or non-lawyer – can file a lawsuit at any time about anything. Yes, one facet of attorney ethics in most states requires the attorney filing to have a good faith belief that a justiciable controversy exists between the parties, but this is a fairly low threshold to clear. Indeed, law school texts are full of examples of silly lawsuits – I remember years ago from my Civil Procedure class one suit in which a gentleman brought an action against the devil. The court dismissed the matter due to the fact that the plaintiff had not been able to get good service of process on the devil. Sadly, this passes as humorous in the first year of law school. Regardless, courts don’t substantiate lawsuits, as you ignorantly assert.

    But I digress. You have a point in that the polls don’t count for much. To borrow a cliche, the only poll that counts is the one that takes place on November 4. But they do indicate trends. And certainly Senator McCain believes this. For if he didn’t, why did he spend yesterday in my home state of Virginia? And chase it with a stop in North Carolina? And then run up to Indiana today? We all know the answer – because he looked at the polls – no doubt his own internal polls on which his campaign, like all others, is spending millions – and concluded that he might get his ass handed to him in all three states. Yes, the McCain campaign relies on polls and indeed uses them to formulate strategy. Such liberals, they.

  5. God bluth:

    Oh how I disagree with you about what constitutes voter fraud. Maybe you are more learned on this topic than I am. But registering multiple ineligible voters in any realm of the voting sphere just rubs me the wrong way. I don’t want false representation under any circumstance and allowing it to go on during registration just increases the chance of it happening on Election Day. I want to stop the problem before it happens; I assume you’re one of those that would rather wait until it happens and then lament after the results are already out.

    Eh. I’m a student of Political Science and Economics, not Law. I considered it but prefer to just leave it. I will admit I don’t know all the ins and outs of the legal system, how cases are filed and what criteria must be met in order for a case to go to court. You seem to though so could you help me with a topic? I’m sure you’ve heard about the Barack Obama/birth certificate lawsuit. If not I have a blog posted about it “Open Your Eyes for the October Surprise!”

    When will this case go to trial and why would it not be in Barack’s best interests to not just produce a valid birth certificate to put this case to rest?

    I agree on the polls. You made some good points. Even though they technically mean nothing, people still look at them. I look at them occasionally, but when I see a newsarticle formulated around the concept of polling, I just have the urge to discuss how inefficient polls are in actually indicating the outcome of an Election.

  6. Marie, what you or I believe constitutes voter fraud isn’t worth a god damn thing. What is worth something is what the statutes in the state in question read. Simply, this does not rise to the level of voter fraud.

    Because something may rub you the wrong way does not give rise to a legal controversy. Or a crime. Quite far from it.

    The birth certificate controversy merely lends further credit to my argument that any idiot, anywhere can file any lawsuit.

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