Debate Reaction

By far, this was the most watchable of all of the three presidential debates, and I’m relieved by another solid Obama performance.

Was it just me, or was it like McCain was working off of talking points written 20 years ago? Its’ like to him and to much of the GOP base, nothing has changed since Reagan was president. I was half expecting him to launch an attack on Walter Mondale.

But McCain did have his best performance to date. It’s just sad for him that it still wasn’t all that good.

Check out some of McCain’s reaction shots in the video below. I wonder if some of McCain’s eye-rolling and sneering might be remembered like Al Gore’s sighing was in 2000.


2 responses to “Debate Reaction

  1. That split screen did McCain no favors. He looked like he was trying to contain his anger all night.

  2. A great night for Obama. As usual, he came across as unflappable and steady. McCain came across as snarly and altogether unpleasant.

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