Wanna Know How Many Republicans See Obama?

Obama bucks! Foodstamps that can be redeemed for watermelon, Kool-Aid, KFC, and ribs.

And who says that the members of the Inland Republican women’s group are racist? I can’t imagine why anyone might be offended.


6 responses to “Wanna Know How Many Republicans See Obama?

  1. Yeah, that’s pretty poor taste.

  2. Reprehensible.

  3. Ugh. I saw a news story on this, and the guy (creator of the image?) just “had no idea” that this could be taken as racist. His daughter defended him with “I eat chicken and watermelon too!”


  4. Also, if Obama was a Muslim (like many Republicans like to say he is), the pork ribs would definitely not be halal.

  5. B. Davis, ugh. How could the creator of that image not have known it was racist? Is he really that stupid? I don’t think anyone is that stupid.

  6. He’s not that stupid, and neither is anyone else involved in this travesty. Someone called him on his bullshit, and he tried to turn it around with the “YOU’RE the racist one if you thought that was racist!” i.e., black people who are offended by negative stereotyping are racist, oversensitive busybodies, looking to blame whitey for something, because racism doesn’t even exist anymore and they need some other pet issue to force everone to look at them, when all they’re looking for is a handout.

    Sorry for the textwall there. I’ve recently seen racism in my own family, and it’s been making me insane. No sheets or rebel flags, but from my own mom: “I’m taking a few days off after the election, because whether Obama wins or loses, the blacks will be rioting. You know how they are.” This was two weeks ago, and I had to let it slide because I didn’t want to go all pottymouth in front of my grandma.

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