35,000 in Indianapolis

What a great morning:

An estimated 35,000 people cheered Sen. Barack Obama on the American Legion mall in Indianapolis today, as he urged them not to wait until Election Day to cast their votes.

“I want everyone who is able and willing to go vote today. If not today, tomorrow,” Obama said.

He expressed optimism that on Nov. 4, Election Day, Democrats would prevail, but he also cautioned that the next 12 days will be tough.

“Change never comes without a fight,” he said.

Some of my pics:

I’m also voting for “that one!”

Evan Bayh actually gave a good speech. For him. He had a little passion and didn’t make me want to hurt myself to make him stop.

I was gald to see that sign. Our thoughts are with Obama and his family.

If Obama wins, one thing we are certain to see more of is Obama kitsch. Most of the merchandise was fun, in a tacky kind of way.

But prepare yourself for a landslide of kitschy Obama items like silly hats, bad t-shirts, and bobble-head Obama dolls.

He still gives one hell of a speech. Hoosiers were fired up and ready to go before the rally today, as many of us think that there is a decent shot that Indiana will vote for Obama.

But the speech fired us up even more.

Let’s go do this!

Overall, beautiful day, beautiful crowd, great speech.


2 responses to “35,000 in Indianapolis

  1. Oh Man! I wish I could have gone! Work, work, work …

  2. It was really great! I wondered if I might run into you, but I know how that damn work thing can get in the way. I was fortunate that I have banked about 1000 flex hours, so I took the day off.

    With Indiana in play, I might have to take a few more in the next couple of weeks to obamar.

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